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Benefits of YOGA: what are you waiting to start? Yoga is a millennial art that is extremely beneficial for health, which is especially important today due to our accelerated pace of life. It is a practice that, in addition to supposing a physical exercise, stands as a way of life that seeks emotional well-being and inner peace. For this reason, in Health and Friendship, we want to talk to you about the main benefits of yoga; You will be surprised to discover some of them. As you will see below, we will present the benefits of yoga divided into two major groups, physical and mental-emotional. The benefits of YOGA are more than you think.

Physical benefits of yogaBenefits of YOGA: what are you waiting to start?

Strengthening of muscles and bones. Gaining strength and toning muscles and bones is ideal for preventing injuries and fractures (especially in people with osteoporosis) as well as diseases such as arthritis. In addition, it helps to curb the loss of bone mass and facilitates a corporal resistance that increases the capacity of work.

Increased flexibility. Right stretch to maintain a young body. Good flexibility is important because it increases the range of useful movement, reduces the risk of injury, decreases muscle fatigue, relieves pain in muscles and joints after exercise, increases the level of dexterity.

Improvement of abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing, which increases blood circulation, balancing the nervous system, slowing heart rate, and relaxing muscles.

Benefits of YOGA: what are you waiting to start?

Improvement of balance and body posture. To achieve the balance required by yoga positions (called asanas), one must develop a complete awareness of his body to be able to maintain concentration. In addition, the acquisition of a Reinforcement of the immune system . Yoga contributes to the reduction of the level of cortisol, a hormone related to stress that at high levels can check mood swings, weight oscillations, high blood pressure, and digestive problems.

Prevention of degenerative diseases by increasing the size of telomeres, structures related to aging and certain pathologies. This size is related, in turn, to greater longevity.

Mental/spiritual benefits of yogaBenefits of YOGA: what are you waiting to start?

Improves concentration thanks to the need for concentration, memory, and attention that requires the practice of yoga asanas, as well as coordination or reaction time.

Self-knowledge and emotional stability: the practice of yoga develops the necessary skills to understand the functioning of the mind through the observation of the activity of the body and the control of the breath. At the same time, when you come in contact with yourself, it insulates your mind from disturbances.

Benefits of YOGA: what are you waiting to start?

Stress reduction. The practice of yoga, as we have mentioned before, contributes to reducing the levels of cortisol (hormones directly related to stress). Thus, its derivation in psychological problems such as anxiety or depression is avoided.

Wisdom and freedom. A persistent practice leads to the development of knowledge. At the same time, this wisdom derives in the experience of freedom in daily life.

Improvement of the sleep: the accumulation of the previous points promotes the solution to any problem of insomnia.

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