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Black mask is designed for deep, quick and effective cleaning of the face from contaminated pores and blackheads. It stops the formation of blackheads on the nose, cleans the pores of the skin, and eliminates black dots. Highly concentrated components located on the gel matrix penetrate through the pores deep into the skin and gradually activate the cells, restoring the collagen skeleton of the skin and optimizing the hydration of the skin structures.

Combination of activated charcoal with other natural elements help the skin restore the natural balance of moisture, so after applying the mask it remains soft and gentle. Active components in the mask have the ability to completely remove pores from the pores, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and refresh the skin.

Black mask is a powerful tool for deep cleansing of your skin. Active substances penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, clearing them of dirt and harmful substances. Effectively fights with acne and sebaceous glands. Keep reading http://www.phytocskincare.com/homemade-activated-carbon-mask/

The Internet just blew up information about the activated charcoal for skin benefits and professional face cleaning tool called Black Mask. Its manufacturers promise a quick disposal of acne, acne and black spots. But, to be honest, the price of this product is not affordable for everyone.

Therefore today we offers you a homemade recipe of black mask with activated charcoal no less useful and effective mask for cleansing your face. It will be a wonderful alternative to the readymade black mask. And all because it’s main component is activated charcoal, which is able not only to remove impurities and draw pores from the pores, but also to clean the surface of the skin from harmful substances.

Homemade mask with activated charcoal

You will need

                 2 tablets of activated charcoal

                 1 tbsp. l. cosmetic black clay

                 Boiled water


1)      Crushed 2 tablets of activated charcoal, then mix it with clay.

2)      Add a small amount of cold boiled water to make a gruel, a consistency resembling sour cream.

Apply a mask to the problem skin is necessary on a previously steamed and cleansed face. Do this by a special brush or soft swab, avoiding the area around the eyes.


It is necessary to hold the mask for about 10-15 minutes, until the mixture is completely dry, then it is necessary to wash with water or herbal decoction. To achieve the optimal result, it is enough to do this mask once a week.

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