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Homemade bread with sourdough, natural yeast. The ancient recipe of our grandmothers. The dough should rise for one night before cooking. The sourdough allows obtaining a very soft bread, with many holes inside, able to last very long. The times of cooking in the oven.

BREAD RECIPE WITH MOTHER PASTAHomemade bread with sourdough, natural yeast.

Reading the recipe, we come to mind that scent that enveloped the kitchen every time our grandmothers bake homemade loaves. A fragrance and a flavor that we can try to recreate by preparing bread with our hands, with the mother dough, according to the tradition of our grandmothers who with this magic mixture also prepared the focaccia, pizza, and biscuits and croissants for breakfast.

Then wait: prepare the sourdough according to our recipe, recover the other ingredients and run to the kitchen to prepare a delicious loaf of crispy crust and deliciously fluffy inside. The recipe requires a bit of time and patience, but you will see that satisfaction from the first taste. It is one of the tips of Homemade bread.


Homemade bread with sourdough, natural yeast.

Before attempting to prepare it, remember that the proportions of flour/noodles are of one part every three. For example, if you use 900 gr of flour, you have to provide 300 gr of sourdough.  It is one of the tips of Homemade bread.

INGREDIENTSHomemade bread with sourdough, natural yeast.

-300 gr of flour type 0

-300 gr of Manitoba type flour

200 gr of mother yeast

-100 ml of warm water

-1 tablespoon of olive oil

-A pinch of salt

PREPARATIONHomemade bread with sourdough, natural yeast.

-Start the first process in the evening, to allow the dough to rise all night (at least 6/8 hours).

-Sift the two flours and place them in a fountain on a work surface. Pour the sourdough, salt, water, and oil. Knead until mixture is smooth, elastic and homogeneous.

-Put the dough in a bowl and let rise until doubling the volume, at a temperature of about 20 ° (the ideal is to put the bowl in the oven with the light on or next to a radiator, if it is winter).

-As soon as the dough has doubled its volume , establish the shape you want to give to the bread, working it with your hands.

-Let it rise for about two hours and then bake at 200 ° for 5 minutes, then at 180 ° for 20 minutes and then at 160 ° for half an hour.

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