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Hi, I am JEFFREY Dawson; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.
yellow teeth

Why yellow teeth are put on and what to do to avoid it

The causes of the loss of whiteness of the smile range from genetics to harmful habits Showing an advertisement smile is anyone’s dream. A beautiful and white denture has become an aesthetic and psychological necessity in our current society. But, not everyone can brag about teeth like pearls naturally. And not always that annoying yellow teeth tone is because of coffee and tobacco.

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brain cancer

Do cell phones really cause brain cancer?

For years there has been speculation over whether cell phones could cause brain cancer. There have been many debates over the answer with no clear-cut answer emerging. Some discredit those warning of the possible link between brain cancer and cell phone use as proponents of the “sky is falling” school of thought. But the argument has continued anyway. As the popularity of cell phone use has grown, so has the concern. When cell phones first emerged, they were a luxury item that most people couldn’t…

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How do I carry out a health and safety risk assessment at work?

Health and safety requirements are essential for any employer. Before putting in place satisfactory precautions and measures, a detailed risk assessment needs to be done. Image Credit The Health and Safety Executive gives good guidance for employers, including specific examples. Start with the following five-point plan. Identify Hazards Take a long hard look at the workplace to assess potential hazards that may harm employees, full- or part-time, contractors or visitors. Use these headings to identify the specific areas. •       Physical – lifting, posture/constant…

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Seven Minutes of Sport Per Day: Toned and Fit With Minimum Effort

From nine to twelve exercises in seven minutes. It sounds simple, but in reality, it is not! Toned and fit with a handful of sports minutes a day: it’s the new fitness trend of the USA. 7-Minute Workout Free time, now, is measured with the dropper. Work, school, study, friends, and family leave little room for physical activity. A new trend in fitness, coming from the United States, focuses precisely on this aspect, promising the best result in a short time, thanks to the so-called…

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Hockey helps player to recover from cancer

A Felixstowe hockey player claims the sport aided her in her recovery from breast cancer. Tanya Ruffles, who plays for Felixstowe Hockey Club, was diagnosed in November 2016 and completed courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to help her beat the disease. She returned to hockey after an extensive break in October this year when she took up her place in the Felixstowe Hockey Club Ladies second team. Image Credit Thirty-seven-year-old Tanya says she originally started to play hockey in order to improve her health and…

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A look at the differences between UK and US versions of fast food

American fast food chains are virtually ambassadors for their country and its culture, so it is surprising to learn that the food they sell is not necessarily the same as that sold at home. Image Credit Channel 4’s popular series Tricks of the Restaurant Trade did a little investigating, with American students asked to try some British versions and reveal the differences. McDonald’s One finding will surprise few people: the British Big Mac is smaller than its American counterpart, and the fries that go with…

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Penis weights: What are they, their pros and cons?

Alright, guys let’s face it. You want a bigger penis and every time you see those porn stars and “their third legs” you wish yours is as big as theirs. Or you wonder if they just go that size or had to do “something” to get it that huge. It’s OK if you feel like that, like having a bigger ‘member.’ After all bigger is better right? And not to talk about the huge boost in confidence you get with the knowledge that you’re well-endowed…

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