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Hi, I am JEFFREY Dawson; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

How Health Insurance Helps You

Even though most healthy people may feel that having health insurance is not that important, this is not true. Heath insurance protects policyholders from suffering huge losses in the form of expensive medical bills. Having the right health plan helps maintain and improve the health of policyholders and their family members. If these people fall sick or get injured in an accident, their insurance policy will provide them with the necessary financial protection. The following is how you can benefit from having health insurance.  Peace…

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Top Reasons Why Raw Food is Healthier for Us

How many of us have a healthy eating with this fast rhythm of life, daily stress, working late at the office and personal problems? I incline to say that a small category, given the alarming number of obese persons, usually generated by an unhealthy and chaotic diet with a main focus on junk food. According to Australian and New Zealand Society’s recent study there’s a serious obesity crisis in Australia, far more serious than specialists have expected, as findings have indicated that 40 percent of…

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Four Keys to Mental Health Recovery

Mental afflictions could be incapacitating and demoralizing. One can uncover never-ending direction on keeping up one’s mental safety and on seeing a useless conduct, yet today I may need to distill the essential components for mental safety recovery into four smaller focal points. The four most separating components in mental safety recovery are: hotel, business, alteration of prescription and symptom deterrent, and the change of an interpersonal association. Finding moderate or government supported cabin In the blink of an eye the time it now, time…

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5 Tips for Adapting Recipes to Make Them Healthier

Every time that we go into our kitchens to prepare a meal, there’s a choice that we have to make: We can make a dish that is loaded with fat, salt and rich creams or we can look for alternatives that will result in meals that are just as appetizing but a lot healthier in the process. If you’re someone who is interested in eating in a more physically beneficial way, you’re in luck. We’re going to share with you five tips for adapting recipes…

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