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Start A Fitness Life

10 Options To Start A Fitness Life

Whoever has a fitness life raise their hands … nobody? Bad news, girls; physical inactivity is the fourth risk factor in global mortality. And, according to the WHO, at least 60% of the world’s population does not carry out the physical activity necessary to obtain health benefits. The WHO recommends that children and young people spend at least 60 minutes a day in moderate to vigorous physical activity. In the adolescence stage, exercise can become a great ally to face physical and emotional changes, but…

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abdominal plank

Do the abdominal plank – benefits and exercises to try for a slim figure

Although we are all confined, there are several solutions for staying in shape without stepping into the gym. But one of the most express and effective ways to refine your figure is without a doubt the abdominal plank! So, for those who dream of a visibly more toned body, it is the ventral sheathing that is to be noted. The idea? Each morning, you reserve yourself 5-10 minutes for fitness using the weight of your own body. This form of progressive bodybuilding without additional loads…

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easy exercises

10 easy exercises you can do at home

There really is no differentiation between exercises indicated for men or for women, but it is true that each one opts for a type of training. Men prefer to be stronger in the lower train, although it would be interesting if they did not neglect the rest of the body if they want to be really functional. No matter what is the reason why you are not going to the gym to train, today we show you 10 easy exercises you can do at home,…

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tips for beginner runners

7 tips for beginner runners

Why tips for beginner runners? There are many new riders who come to training full of good intentions and admirable goals. However, the difficulty of starting with a proper routine leads them to lose enthusiasm as they move forward with this new activity. Running is often the first choice for those who want to start with physical activities, due to the low cost of the equipment, together with the fact that it can be practiced practically anywhere and does not involve a long-term obligation, as…

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perfect exercise

The perfect exercise routine to overcome the summer

Just a few days to end the summer and officially receive the arrival of autumn. We are entering a new season and there is no better time than this to propose new challenges and new routines with which to achieve our objectives. Healthy living can be one of them and it is a perfect way to face the excesses of summer and start the new season with much desire and motivation. We share the perfect exercise routine to overcome the summer.

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doing physical activity

Common mistakes when doing physical activity

Doing Physical activity is a fundamental factor to have a healthy lifestyle. With results that impact not only the health. But also the harmony of the body and the emotional well-being of the people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regular exercise reduces the risk of hypertension, diabetes, breast and colon cancer and depression; improves bone health and is a key determinant in energy expenditure, maintaining caloric balance and weight control.

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beginners at the gym

7 tips for beginners at the gym

7 tips for beginners at the gym. Through the rush or euphoria, beginners at the gym may forget some specific questions related to the performance of the activities. Such as the clothes to be used, adequate food and rest time. All this ends up impacting the results of the exercises. Main points of attention for beginners in the gym.

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