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for a healthy life

8 good habits for a healthy life

8 good habits for a healthy life. I do not have life insurance, so I’m very interested in staying healthy. So today I did some research: I found the first causes of death, organizing them to analyze them. Some cannot be controlled (age, diseases to which the family is subject, gender). But others do, and I’m not really surprised: you already know you do not have to smoke, drink too much or eat badly. It is interesting to note, however, that all the most common…

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whiten teeth with activated charcoal

The rules to whiten teeth with activated charcoal

There are several ways to whiten teeth with activated charcoal. The simplest of them – crush a couple of tablets of the drug into powder, mix with a little water, and then rub the resulting mixture into the surface of the teeth with a finger or a toothbrush with soft bristles. There are several other effective recipes. Powdered charcoal tablets mixed with toothpaste and brush your teeth.As an additional component, use a decoction of the oak bark, which has bleaching properties and also favorably affects…

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oatmeal recipes

The oatmeal recipes beyond your breakfast: original ideas to add this food to the diet

Oats are a cereal with valuable properties for the organism that we can easily include different dishes. We share the oatmeal recipes for your health.  Although we often eat this food at breakfast or in sweet preparations, there are also other original ways to add oatmeal to your diet.

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most nutritious foods

The 8 most nutritious foods for our organism

It is essential to carry out a healthy and balanced diet if we want to enjoy good health. and which is the most nutritious foods for our organism. But, when deciding on one dish or another, would you be able to tell us which are the most nutritious foods for our body? Attentive to this article.

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healthy pregnancy

6 tips for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery

Tips for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Find out how to better cope with pregnancy and reduce the risks of childbirth. By exercising, eating well, sleeping properly you have more chances to give birth without complications, to recover easily after delivery and to lose the pounds quickly. Let’s see in detail the advice of experts for the well-being of pregnant women:

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mental health

24 tips for a healthy and lasting mental health

24 tips for a healthy and lasting mental health. This would be the “maintenance manual” (so we can call it) of the health of our brain, of our “psyche”. How all motor, the brain requires care, like any other part of our body. We must learn to prevent problems in the future, something that most of us do not think about often. Here is the list of tips to maintain a healthy and lasting mental health and avoid problems in the future:

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yellow teeth

Why yellow teeth are put on and what to do to avoid it

The causes of the loss of whiteness of the smile range from genetics to harmful habits Showing an advertisement smile is anyone’s dream. A beautiful and white denture has become an aesthetic and psychological necessity in our current society. But, not everyone can brag about teeth like pearls naturally. And not always that annoying yellow teeth tone is because of coffee and tobacco.

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