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What Does an Event Manager Do?

Aside from guiding and supervising event crews, an event manager also takes care of the overall set up and breakdown of an event. He or she can also be responsible for managing volunteers and staff members, tracking RSVPs, and overseeing the layout of the event space. They also help with floral arrangements and props, as well as technology tests. Aside from these duties, an event manager also collects feedback from attendees and sponsors.  A very busy job! Image credit A degree in event management is…

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What is anxiety and how can it be supported

Over the last two years, anxiety levels in general have been incredibly high as have looked to manage the global pandemic. For some this meant a quick shift into home working and for others it meant dealing with an increased threat of exposure to the virus. Image credit Anxiety is our body’s natural response to fear. It is what keeps us from walking out in front of a bus. A small amount of it is natural and can be incredibly useful to help you look…

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What Does a Homebuyer Survey Include?

One of three types of reports you can purchase for a property, the homebuyer’s report is usually the cheapest. Other options are the lender’s valuation and the more detailed building survey. The lender’s valuation won’t provide information regarding structure and is for the mortgage lender’s own use. Image Credit For a home buyers survey Nottingham based surveyors can help you to progress your property purchase. They can provide you with the information you need to choose which report you need, costing upwards of around £450.…

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The advantages of having live-in care

When people require round the clock care, a family can sometimes feel that the only choice is a residential home. Thankfully nowadays there is lots of accessible home care meaning it is now easier than ever to experience the advantages of having a live-in carer. Image credit The clue is in the name – a live-in carer means an experienced caregiver cohabits with you in your home. Caregivers are basically available at all times, day and night – with the exception of breaks. There are…

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alternatives to white sugar

Five healthy alternatives to white sugar

The excessive consumption of sugar in the daily diet is harmful to health, being responsible for the appearance of multiple diseases such as diabetes. Nowadays, this is nothing new. Several studies indicate that the consumption of sugar alters the functioning of the organism, causing hormonal imbalances, modifying the adequate level of insulin in the blood and increasing obesity and the conditions derived from it. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not exceeding 25 grams of sugar per day. There are 5 alternatives to white sugar we…

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healthy eating

19 tips for healthy eating

A healthy eating diet prevents nutritional deficiencies and protects against infectious diseases. A good diet should be varied and rich in nutrients that can improve the body’s defenses. For food to be healthy, it must be composed of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, calcium, and other minerals. This is achieved by varying the types of cereals, meats, vegetables and fruits you consume, alternating the colors of the food. Of course, all in moderation, nothing in excess.

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