Coronavirus, vitamin D is the most useful

Coronavirus, vitamin D is the most useful

D is a strategic vitamin to naturally strengthen our immune system. And help us prevent viral diseases. But more than two-thirds of it comes from the sun and the rest is found in some foods

CORONAVIRUS AND VITAMINSCoronavirus, vitamin D is the most useful

Even the vitamins have their part in the battle against the coronavirus. Without exaggerating with expectations and without spreading news that has no scientific basis such as that circulating on the Net. According to which a possible therapy would be based on vitamins C and D. Absurd.

The vitamins, we repeat it endlessly, cannot replace medicines in any way. Where it is true instead of a regular intake of Vitamin C and D, throughout the year. It contributes to raising our immune barriers, with an important purely preventive function. And without any need to resort to food supplements, an absolute waste of money and health. As we can take these vitamins, in the right doses, from natural sources, and through nutrition.


Let’s start with vitamin C: the daily doses are not excessive. The daily requirement is just 85 milligrams for women and 105 milligrams for men. Just an orange a day and two-thirds of the requirement are covered, while with just two kiwis it reaches 125 milligrams. In summer and autumn, vitamin C can be found primarily in strawberries, cherries, and berries. Then there are the vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, and only one pepper. One hectogram is able to cover the daily needs of vitamin C.

CORONAVIRUS AND VITAMIN DCoronavirus, vitamin D is the most useful

In fact, the most suitable vitamin to counteract coronavirus in preventive terms is D which for a long time has been associated only with bones and the strength of the skeleton, as a precious regulator of calcium metabolism. It is not so. Vitamin D, according to a significant amount of scientific studies, it is also very important as a natural immunomodulatory, which is able to regulate our immune system and thereby protect against virus attacks. The powerful action of vitamin D binds in 2,776 different points of DNA and plays a role of a modifier of 200 genes.

The importance of this vitamin, not for the treatment but for the prevention of coronavirus, seems to be confirmed also by an important scientific analysis carried out in the field. Two professors from the University of Turin, Giancarlo Isaia (Geriatria) and Enzo Medico (Histology) went to study common features and clinical indications on coronavirus-infected people. And they discovered a majority of people with vitamin D deficiency, hypovitaminosis D. The research, with all its details, was entrusted to the Academy of Medicine of Turin which defined the first results as “very interesting”.

But where is it and how do you fill up with vitamin D? The main source (about 75-80 percent) is the sun, therefore we must load ourselves with vitamin D between spring and summer when the skin synthesizes it in large quantities. Then there are the foods. The most important, for the content of vitamin D, belong to three categories. There are first of all dairy products, cheeses, and egg yolk. Then some species of fish: salmon, swordfish, tuna, mackerel. Herring and sardines. Finally avocado and fortified vegetable drinks, from almond milk to soy milk.


Considering the most important source of vitamin D, the sun, with the passing of the years and with a sedentary life, its presence in our organism tends to decrease. In particular, there are two factors that risk compromising it: the short time spent in the open area, and the fat mass that blocks its formation. That’s why vitamin D, in the right doses, is conquered with the correct lifestyles rather than with useless food supplements. Simple, clear and effective. Around nutrition, physical activity from not excessive body weight.

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