10 easy exercises you can do at home

There really is no differentiation between exercises indicated for men or for women, but it is true that each one opts for a type of training. Men prefer to be stronger in the lower train, although it would be interesting if they did not neglect the rest of the body if they want to be really functional. No matter what is the reason why you are not going to the gym to train, today we show you 10 easy exercises you can do at home, with hardly any sports equipment.

The easy exercises you can do at home

Sprawlseasy exercises

Many confuse this exercise with the burpees. They seem very similar, but their realization is different. The sprawls are a movement originated in martial arts, which fight to avoid the blow of an opponent. You must imagine that you are going to receive a blow, bend down as if you were going to make a burpee and get back up quickly with an explosive jump. Check this content on waist, how to make your waist look smaller.

Climber (grasshopper)easy exercises

Possibly you know climbers or mountain climbers, so I bring you a more intense version. The “grasshopper” version brings your knees to the opposite elbow. Without raising the hip and keeping the abdomen strong, you will notice that it is an exercise that burns a lot. Do not forget to put your hands right under your shoulders. It is one of the best easy exercises.

Supermaneasy exercises

The lower back is one of the most suffered because of the incorrect body posture. The Superman exercise is very good to strengthen the lower back and improve the scapular posture.

Bear stepseasy exercises

The crawling or the steps of the bear is a very fun functional exercise. Simulating that we are an animal, we will have to walk in a quadruped, without raising the hip and maintaining control of the body. It is another best easy exercises you can do at home.

Diamond bendingeasy exercises

If you think you’re strong enough to keep the basic push-ups short, try the diamond version. Putting your hands together and closing your elbows in the descent, will make exercise much more difficult. Do not lean on your knees! If you’re not ready for this version, keep working the normal ones and the triceps ones.

Side plate

Any isometric iron exercise is recommended to strengthen the core. In this case, I know that many men like to have marked obliques, so making a side plate and carrying your knee over your shoulder can help make that happen. Remember to have your hand resting just below the shoulder; if you can not, support the forearm.

Squat with jumpeasy exercises

The squats are designed to work intensely the lower train but become more cane when we add explosive jumps.

Triceps backgroundseasy exercises

The triceps are another basic muscle in the training of any man. One of the best exercises to train them is the funds, and at home, you can do them with a chair or table. Extend the legs fully to get the range of movement deeper.

Biceps with elastic bandeasy exercises

In addition to the obliques and triceps, men are also interested in the biceps. Get a resistance band and perform repetitions while stepping on the band with your feet.


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