Four Health Concerns Associated with Wild Swimming

Wild swimming is something that is becoming more and more popular. The freedom and pleasure of swimming in a natural place is something that appeals to many of us, and getting into the sea, the river or a lake is something that many people in the UK enjoy doing when they get the opportunity.

However, there are also health concerns associated with wild swimming that it is good to be aware of in order to make sure that you are having a safe and enjoyable swim. Here are four things to be aware of…

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Cold Water Shock – The shock of getting into cold water can cause the gasp reflex, and if you jump straight in without acclimatising, this can happen underwater which can be fatal. It is always advisable to enter the water slowly to avoid this happening and allow your body to adapt to the temperature.

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Swimmers Ear – Swimming in cold water can cause problems inside the ear, which is known as swimmer’s ear. When earwax builds up in the ear, it can be problematic for hearing and balance, but going to someone like this ear wax removal specialist can help with this.

Weil’s Disease – The disease Leptospirosis is carried by rats that live alongside watercourses and can get into the human body through the nose or mouth, as well as in open wounds. Rivers and watercourses in urban areas are more risky, so you should avoid swimming in them.

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