Reflexology has many benefits

You know how wonderful it feels if you have ever had a foot massage and a pedicure. The feet have more sensory nerves than any other part of the body, which is why foot massages can be so relaxing. Reflexology, a complementary treatment with roots in ancient Chinese and Egyptian practices, should be used to complement formal medical advice. Reflexology is backed by a number of scientific studies. Here are some of those benefits:

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Reflexology improves nerve function. The ageing process causes our nerve endings, which are sensitive to touch, to lose their sensitivity. However, reflexology can stimulate more than 7000 nerve endings with just one session. This stimulation improves function and reactivity. This is a great way to maintain the neural pathways. For medical foot conditions, always consult a Podiatrist Evesham such as

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Reflexology improves circulation. This means that blood and oxygen are carried more efficiently through the body. The metabolism is also increased by helping organs and muscle to function better. This results in faster healing times and quicker cell regeneration.

Reflexology improves energy levels. It focuses on the alignment and function of muscle and organ systems. By improving circulation and nerve functions, you will feel more energetic. You should try a reflexology treatment if you want to get your energy back. Wearing comfortable shoes that are correctly fitted will keep your feet happy.

Studies have shown that reflexology improves bladder function, resulting in a lower risk of urinary tract problems. It is possible to make your body more efficient in eliminating toxins by improving your bladder function. It can protect you from diseases and health problems that may arise due to a malfunctioning bladder.

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