Food myths you should know

Here is the list of 10 food myths to discredit that will help you cope with your diet more lightly! Every time you go on a diet, you tend to follow the advice of your friends or you rely on classic cliches: although these measures do not always help the diet, on the contrary. Very often these commonplaces do more harm than good: they make the diet a real test without any real reason. 

Food myths you should know

1.No fruit at the end of the mealFood myths

Often in diets, it is specified to eat the fruit only and exclusively outside meals. This statement has nothing to do with the supposed excess of sugars: fruit is a healthy food, no matter when it is consumed!

2.Healthy means low fatFood myths

It is not said at all: often, in fact, there are foods that are marked as dietetics that instead contain a lot of fat, like many snacks called dietetics.

3. Never eat after 20.00Food myths

It is said that eating after a certain hour means gaining weight. It is not time that determines the diet, but what you eat. In addition, the metabolism has a very personal function: for some, it is precisely from 20 hours when the hardest part of the day begins.

4. Skipping food helps to lose weight

The secret to following a diet without making great sacrifices is to distribute the food throughout the day. Skipping a meal makes it even more difficult: not only are you not hungry but at the next meal, it will be very difficult to check your appetite!

5. Whole foods are lighterFood myths

False, often to add flavor to products made from whole ingredients are added sugars and salts that transform them into foods that you should avoid! It is false a food myths. Keep reading- The 6 best foods to lose weight

6. To lose weight eat only light productsFood myths

It appears in many products, but they are not usually. An example? The carbonated drinks can also be light compared to no – light, but still a calorie bomb! Therefore, before relying on light products, it is better to read the label carefully.

7. A day of fasting is good

It is not at all true that the body is purified or improved after a fast: the problem is not really eating, but what to eat. In addition, the metabolism slows considerably with fasting: it means that when you eat again, your body will take much longer to get rid of the calories it has ingested than it would normally take.

8. Cane sugar is healthier than white sugarFood myths

Sugar cane is always sugar: it contains such a minimal variation of minerals and calories that they are not absolutely significant for the purposes of a diet.

9. It burns more calories in winterFood myths

Yes, it’s true that when temperatures drop and your body needs to warm up, you burn some extra calories, but you always have to be careful with the rest of the day. In summer it is when you walk and move, while in winter it is easier to stay on the sofa or in bed: after all, it is not so true that you burn more in winter, on the contrary!

10. Not eating fat means losing weight

Some of this is true, but we must be careful to distinguish between fats: not all of them hurt. On the contrary, unsaturated fats are a true ally of health: just think, for example, of the benefits of omega3 or olive oil! It is one of the false food myths.

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