Seven anti-stress foods

Seven anti-stress foods. Chronic stress and when it reaches significant levels can entail different negative consequences on the human organism affecting above all, our health and quality of life. Therefore, the key is to apply strategies to moderate or avoid it and one of them is to take a good diet based on anti-stress foods such as the ones shown below:

Blue FishSeven anti-stress foods

Bluefish, which has more fats than white fish and within these highlights the presence of omega 3 can have a positive effect on our body by reducing not only oxidative stress but also, cortisol (stress hormone) levels as indicated an investigation published in 2010.

Also, bluefish with essential fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA), could reduce perceived stress or brain response to high levels of cortisol, as concluded in a study by the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. Thus, we recommend consuming fish oil in the form of fresh fatty fish, such as baked salmon, sardine rolls with vegetables, a canned bonito, or a grilled tuna. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.

MilkSeven anti-stress foods

Protein foods, in general, are rich in amino acids within which is the tryptophan that induces the release of serotonin and reduces cortisol levels. A self-protein whey such an effect having positive effects in the body when reducing stress as a pointing research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. We can consume milk as such or whey protein that would have the same or greater effect, and thus, we can make from a simple shake to a porridge or a serving of Golden Milk or golden milk. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.

Whole grainsSeven anti-stress foods

The carbohydrates can have many benefits for the organism, one of them is to favor the increase of the levels of tryptophan in the brain in order to induce the release of serotonin and control stress as observed in a study published in Biological Psychology. Thus, whole grains or whole that possess quality carbohydrates to the body would greatly help to reduce perceived stress and improve mood.

We can include several whole grains such as brown rice, oats, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal flour, and derivatives. Thus, we can produce wholemeal bread at home, eggplant with miso brown rice, whole wheat pasta with vegetables, oatmeal cookies, and dried fruit, or whole pumpkin pie and corn. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.

Extra virgin olive oilSeven anti-stress foods

The olive oil extra virgin can not only counteract the negative effects of stress on our health because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds but also because their monounsaturated fats have been linked to a lower hypothalamic – adrenal axis altered pituitary – which is often dysfunctional in those who suffer from chronic stress. Therefore, we recommend including extra virgin olive oil in the form of seasoning of different preparations or use it to make various sauces, homemade preserves and more. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.

AvocadoSeven anti-stress foods

It is an oily fruit in which monounsaturated fats also predominate which, as we pointed out before, is associated with fewer traits characteristic of chronic stress. In addition, the avocado is rich in vitamin E and other compounds with antioxidant effect and has plant proteins that could also contribute to the release of serotonin in the body. With avocado, we can elaborate from the classic guacamole to a salad, a tosta , a sandwich or a tasty dessert among many other preparations. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.

BananaSeven anti-stress foods

As noted in a study published in Food Chemistry, the banana is a source of serotonin that, as we said, helps reduce the perceived stress and mood changes that this causes. Likewise, bananas are rich in carbohydrates that have also been linked to less stress. Therefore, we recommend including the banana to the usual diet as a healthy snack between meals or, as part of sweet preparations such as ice cream, muffins, cookies or other healthy dishes. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.

NutsSeven anti-stress foods

Nuts like banana are another source of serotonin that we can incorporate into the diet to reduce stress and its symptoms. In addition, they are a source of unsaturated fats, among which is the omega 3 which, as we said before, helps reduce cortisol in the body. Thus, nuts can be helpful when reducing stress and we can add them to a breakfast, to a sauce or to a tasty and healthy chocolate cookie. These are seven anti-stress foods that in the framework of a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce the negative effects of stress on our body. It is one of the best anti-stress foods.


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