It is proven: traveling is very beneficial for your health

It’s that simple. Traveling is not only one of the most rewarding experiences that can be carried out. It is also tremendously healthy. And it’s not about making a grandiloquent claim for a striking newspaper headline. It is something that has been verified by numerous scientists from various North American and European universities.

All these studies tell us about the benefits of health and the mind that travel causes. But not only the trip itself, but also the previous moments of preparing it, dreaming about it or booking our accommodations and excursions. And even the beneficial effects are prolonged in time, just as the most pleasant memories of a trip remain in our memory indelibly.

So you have to travel. And we should not think that we are talking about long journeys to the other side of the world. Also short and relatively close getaways can be extraordinarily good for our cardiovascular health, emotional well-being and to make essential cures of the stress that threatens us on a daily basis.

Traveling is very beneficial for your health

Travel the secret of happinesstraveling

Beyond the scientific and medical studies, the continuous surveys to tourists and travelers, to ordinary people, give a definitive data about the benefits of traveling. Absolutely everyone consulted places their traveling experiences among the happiest moments of their lives, sometimes even ahead of events such as their marriage or a job change. And of course, well above the simple purchase of material goods. Continue reading- The best tips for a healthy life

And the truth is that many respondents give that answer without being consummate travelers who fly to remote paradises. The vast majority of them refer to very close getaways, without leaving Spain.

There are some who talk about a trip to Madrid discovering its surroundings full of histories such as the Palace of Aranjuez or the Monastery of El Escorial. Others remember a trip lightning but the most pleasant to the Costa del Sol. And there are those who consider that earthly paradise where happiness is found without leaving the country, for example in the as Alvarado’s beaches of Fuerteventura.

Synonymous with brain developmenttraveling

Neurologists know that our brain can be in continuous development, but that requires that we test it constantly. We must stimulate it and for it there is nothing better than to expose it to new situations, to vary the places where we are and in some way to look for challenges that make us leave everyday life.

New things, different places, and challenge yourself to get out of the routine. Three characteristics that every trip must have. Almost any getaway we make to a new city or a long walk through unknown landscapes has those ingredients. We could give many examples, but we propose to navigate as something prototypical of these sensations.

Browse, where? Along the coast of Lanzarote, reaching the Isla Graciosa, one of the few territories in Europe where asphalt has not yet arrived. And if someone suffers from dizziness or is afraid to navigate, the first thing we would say is that boarding already becomes an important part of the trip as it is the great challenge. And if you still do not dare, you can also activate your brain on dry land by going on a trip through the always impressive and suggestive volcanic landscapes of Timanfaya.

Who moves the legs, moves the hearttraveling

The brain is not the only organ that gains health during a trip. Another that comes out very benefited is the heart. For many people, the holiday period is the time of year when more exercise is done. And we are not referring only to adventure activities. To exercise you do not have to climb great peaks or paddle in a kayak. Just take good walks. Traveling is very good for health and mind.

Some walks in which of course we must take advantage to discover those destinations to which we have traveled. Can there be a better way to get fit than walking through the streets of the Jewish quarter around the Mosque of Cordoba or rediscovering the heritage treasured by the Madrid of the Austrians?

Exoticism and self-esteem

When we travel to places different from ours, we are really daring to know what distinguishes us. Undoubtedly, it is an effort to recognize other cultures, hear other languages and discover customs different from ours. And that sometimes we have it around the corner.

It is not necessary to make fatiguing trips to Polynesia or the Amazon. Our neighbors can offer it differently. For example, an excursion to Gibraltar involves crossing borders and see what many things unite us with the inhabitants of the British colony, but there are also many others that differentiate us.

And much more obvious is to make an excursion to Tangier in Morocco. That same Strait of Gibraltar is a leap to another continent, to other traditions, to another clothing, to another religion … An experience without a doubt full of exoticism that enriches us and that we feel self-esteem when we surprise ourselves discovering that world so close and so far at the same time.

Goodbye to stresstraveling

The truth is that for decades it has been known that vacations are absolutely necessary. It is time to rest and especially to disconnect from problems. And without a doubt, one of the biggest problems of our busy day to day work is the stress to which we are all subjected. Sometimes even without realizing it. Traveling helps you to reduce stress.

You have to take vacations to reduce that stress. But that is not enough, it is much better to get away from our place of residence. That is, go on a trip to another place. Traveling is the best therapy to combat stress.

The big question is: where? Well, for anyone who does not know where to make this healthy cure, we can not think of a more de-stressing place than Seville, and much better if we enjoy it from the same waters of the Guadalquivir river cruise.

But perhaps you, reader, are Sevillian, and precisely want to leave your city. Do not worry, we can also give you a good anti-stress destination: Gran Canaria. There you will be able to disconnect completely discovering the most untamed landscapes of the island circulating in a boogie or sailing on a catamaran along its south coast.

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