5 ways that macrame boosts mindfulness

Used to create everything from plant pot hangers to wall art, macrame is an increasingly popular pastime. Using knotting techniques, the history of the art of macrame dates back thousands of years. And while it is great for creating unique home décor, it is also great for increasing mindfulness. Here are five ways macrame can boost mindfulness.

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It improves concentration

Mindfulness exercises are used to increase concentration and macrame can help you hone these skills. Focusing on the intricate knots needed to create a pattern improves your ability to concentrate for longer. These skills can then be called into use if you are struggling with other activities, for example, writing an essay.

It makes you more patient

A core component of mindfulness is the ability to sit in the moment. Impatience is incompatible with mindfulness. Macrame increases your patience, which improves your ability to sit quietly and at peace in the present. The intricate designs and patterns required to master macrame will help increase your patience and focus.

It makes you better at relationships

Mindfulness encourages you to regulate yourself emotionally so that you can discuss your own and others’ feelings calmly and sensitively. Macrame allows you to work quietly and serenely, so you can cultivate an ability to self-regulate, leading to deeper and more mindful relationships.

It can help with health issues

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce the stress and fatigue that comes with tackling a chronic or terminal illness. Macrame is an easy way to boost your mindfulness so you are better equipped to deal with such situations.

It is hardly surprising that crafting’s popularity soared during the Covid-19 pandemic as people struggled to cope with the stress and uncertainty . A macrame kit from a specialist company such as Wool Couture is a simple way to get started.

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It aids recovery

Mindfulness equips you to recover better after a traumatic event because it increases self-kindness. Macrame allows you to slow down, focus on the feel of the cord between your fingers and relax in the moment – all key facets of mindfulness.

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