Freesat v Freeview: the differences

Are you trying to choose between Freesat and Freeview? Both will give you access to top TV channels without any monthly fees, but what are the differences?

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Channel variety

Freeview provides 70+ channels, including 15 HD channels and 32 radio stations. In contrast, Freesat offers a wider selection from which to choose, with 160+ TV channels, 30 radio stations, and 25 HD channels available nationwide.

On-demand options

Both platforms allow access to on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITVX, and My5. For paid services such as Netflix and Prime Video, separate subscriptions would be required. Freesat excels in news and radio channels, featuring Bloomberg and GB News, but lacks access to All4, which is available on Freeview.

Satellite v aerial

Freeview uses aerial transmission towers, while Freesat relies on satellite broadcasts. Freesat may provide better quality and 100 percent coverage across the UK, making it ideal if you are living in an area with poorer aerial reception. If you are in need of TV aerial installation Gloucester and the wider area, companies such as offer solutions.


Freeview boxes range from £40 to £179, while Freesat is pricier upfront with set-top boxes costing £50 to £269.99. Freesat requires a satellite dish, which could add to your installation costs.

What else?

Freesat and Freeview both offer HD channels, great picture quality, 4K readiness, and recording.
The choice may depend on preferences, channels and budget constraints. Aerial reception quality and proximity to transmission towers influence Freeview, while Freesat requires a satellite dish.

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Overall, both platforms offer free TV (after the initial setup costs) and both have plenty of benefits. Freesat provides a broader channel selection and satellite coverage, but Freeview may be more cost-effective initially. Consider your channel preferences, location and budget to make the right choice between these contenders.


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