Do home buyers need a drainage survey?

A drainage survey is not a legal obligation for home buyers. However, it is an excellent way of uncovering issues with drainage, pipework problems, and infestations that could prove costly or troublesome in the future. Flagging such issues can ensure that you go into a property purchase fully informed and prevent more serious problems from rearing their heads.
Survey Inclusion

Drains are not usually surveyed as part of a regular home buyers survey but sometimes a drainage survey may be carried out to comply with mortgage provider requests. This will usually happen after your offer for a property has been accepted by the vendor but before contracts are signed. This means that you have time to renegotiate your offer or back out if serious problems are uncovered.

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What is a drainage survey?

CCTV Drainage Surveys Alcester or other drain survey professionals around the country will carry out a pipe inspection. They will assess the drainage system size and look for problems such as leaking or broken pipes, blockages, tree root issues, pet infestations, poor connections and pipes that may need replacing after a certain period, such as patch fibre pipes.

They can also ensure that you know what your responsibilities are. You can read more about this on the Citizens Advice website here.

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Benefits of drainage surveys

CCTV Drainage Surveys Alcester can ensure that you are aware of any issues before purchasing a property. This gives you the opportunity to back out of buying or renegotiate the price.

Professional drainage surveys can help in the renegotiating process and prevent nasty shocks in the future. They can make sure that you know what your drainage system comprises and where your responsibilities lie and may help with getting insured in the future.

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