How to spruce up your front door

Sprucing up your front door is a great way to enhance the kerb appeal of your home and make a welcoming first impression. Here are our favourite tips to add a touch of style and personality to your front door.

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Greenery theme

Choose a calming earthy green or embrace the natural warmth of a wood finish. Ideas include surrounding the entrance with an abundance of greenery, placing potted plants on either side of the door, hanging planters with trailing vines, and positioning a variety of lush green plants or climbers around the porch area. Introduce green or leafy wreaths on the door and consider a doormat with botanical prints or natural textures to complete the theme.

Soft pink

If you are looking at composite doors Cirencester from companies such as, consider making a bold statement with a pretty pink front door. Adorn the entrance with pink flowers in hanging baskets and colourful planters, and consider a chair with pink outdoor cushions if space allows.

Blue oasis

Create a calming effect with a pale blue front door. Place blue flowering plants such as forget-me-nots or campanula in ceramic pots around the entrance, and incorporate a doormat with blue hues or coastal patterns. If you want to add a nautical touch, display a wreath featuring blue elements such as seashells or driftwood. If you have a porch or extra space, consider hanging a hammock or a swing chair nearby for a relaxing ambience.

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Rainbow door

Embrace the rainbow by painting your front door with a spectrum of vibrant colours. Use a variety of planters in different sizes and colours to display an assortment of vibrant flowers and foliage, arranging them on both sides of the door and the steps for a lively touch.

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