The benefits of buying a used car from a reputable garage or car dealer against buying privately.

If you are thinking about buying a new, used car you might find that it can prove to be stressful and time consuming.  The last thing you want, or need after completing the purchase of your vehicle is for it to break down or find it develops a major fault!  If you risk buying privately from an advert you found on a Social Media platform you could find yourself the victim of criminal organisations and rogue traders, dealing in dodgy cars that could have been stolen or previously written off in an accident!

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It really isn’t worth the risk because the only guarantee you will get from a private seller or dodgy dealer is a “Sold As Seen” document that gives you no protection from buying a “Lemon”!  Always purchase your used car from a reputable dealer, not only will you get at least a three month warranty you will have the opportunity to return the car if it does develop a fault.  Having a safe and secure garage fitted with Garage Doors Cheltenham, supplied and installed by professionals and experts such as is the best place to park and store your new, used vehicle.

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No reputable garage that relies on their customers providing positive feedback would ever knowingly sell a dodgy car.  If you’re happy with your purchase you will return to that garage location again and spread the word on your positive experience.


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