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Argan oil

Argan oil: what it’s for and its 8 health benefits

Argan oil has many beneficial properties for skin, hair, and health. We tell you what it is for and its 8 benefits in health and beauty. Argan oil is an oil of edible vegetable origin, which in recent years has gained fame as a cosmetic product, as its properties make it a perfect ally for healthier skin and hair.

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sleep better

The 13 best tricks to sleep better in summer and not spend the heat

The hot summer nights are a challenge when it comes to falling asleep. You start tossing and turning in bed, you open the windows hoping that a breeze of air will come in to give you comfort, and even the bathtub no longer seems so uncomfortable in order to alleviate the heat that prevents you from resting during the nights of summer. The best tricks to sleep better in summer and not spend the heat.

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Food myths

Food myths you should know

Here is the list of 10 food myths to discredit that will help you cope with your diet more lightly! Every time you go on a diet, you tend to follow the advice of your friends or you rely on classic cliches: although these measures do not always help the diet, on the contrary. Very often these commonplaces do more harm than good: they make the diet a real test without any real reason. 

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oatmeal recipes

The oatmeal recipes beyond your breakfast: original ideas to add this food to the diet

Oats are a cereal with valuable properties for the organism that we can easily include different dishes. We share the oatmeal recipes for your health.  Although we often eat this food at breakfast or in sweet preparations, there are also other original ways to add oatmeal to your diet.

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most nutritious foods

The 8 most nutritious foods for our organism

It is essential to carry out a healthy and balanced diet if we want to enjoy good health. and which is the most nutritious foods for our organism. But, when deciding on one dish or another, would you be able to tell us which are the most nutritious foods for our body? Attentive to this article.

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It is proven: traveling is very beneficial for your health

It’s that simple. Traveling is not only one of the most rewarding experiences that can be carried out. It is also tremendously healthy. And it’s not about making a grandiloquent claim for a striking newspaper headline. It is something that has been verified by numerous scientists from various North American and European universities.

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