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perfect exercise

The perfect exercise routine to overcome the summer

Just a few days to end the summer and officially receive the arrival of autumn. We are entering a new season and there is no better time than this to propose new challenges and new routines with which to achieve our objectives. Healthy living can be one of them and it is a perfect way to face the excesses of summer and start the new season with much desire and motivation. We share the perfect exercise routine to overcome the summer.

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doing physical activity

Common mistakes when doing physical activity

Doing Physical activity is a fundamental factor to have a healthy lifestyle. With results that impact not only the health. But also the harmony of the body and the emotional well-being of the people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regular exercise reduces the risk of hypertension, diabetes, breast and colon cancer and depression; improves bone health and is a key determinant in energy expenditure, maintaining caloric balance and weight control.

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