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The importance of health checks. Why should we do them? Our health is one of the most valuable things we have, which is why it is essential to maintain it in the best of possible states. To achieve the above, it is necessary to regularly attend the doctor to check us. Perform clinical analyzes and diagnose in a timely manner any disease. Or condition that we may present. Therefore, below we will give you some tips that you should take into account when doing health checks, as well as know the reasons why this practice is so necessary.

The health check-ups are nothing more than the appointments we set aside when visiting the doctor. In these reviews, the specialist studies our body in general. Or affected area, and in this way manages to obtain a result that we share to start or not treatment. Sometimes doctors also indicate the need for clinical analysis. All in order to study our body in depth and determine the presence or absence of any abnormality.

Most common clinical testsThe importance of health checks. Why should we do them?

The most common clinical tests that doctors can assign you are those of blood and urine. Hematology will require fasting, so it is recommended that you avoid eating before 8 or 12 hours from the time you will do the study, also. If you are a smoker, it is best not to smoke before doing the analysis. For your part, urinalysis should be taken at the first visit to the bathroom that you perform on the day and, once you have done so, it is advisable to take the urine test to the health center in a period no longer than 1 hour.

Now that you know what are the most common health screenings. And clinical tests that can indicate you in these, it is time for you to better inform yourself about the things that you should take into account before visiting your trusted doctor. Following the points you will know below you can have a successful medical appointment. Take note and follow the information we share to the letter!

Tips for having successful health reviews

1. Make a listThe importance of health checks. Why should we do them?

Before making your health check-ups it is recommended that you take note of all the symptoms. And discomforts that you have presented in recent days. Also, if possible, add to your list the intensity of the pain and how many hours it lasted. In case you have self-medicated, do not forget to refer to the drug you used and the amount of it. It is one of the most tips importance of health checks.

2. Schedule your appointment with enough time

The importance of health checks. Why should we do them?


In order to avoid possible cancellations, we recommend that you schedule your medical appointment well in advance. Health check-ups should be done at least annually (if we talk about general check-up appointments). So you’ll have enough time to set aside at least one morning. Or an afternoon of your busy life to be able to visit your trusted doctor. And determine that everything is perfect in your body. It is one of the most tips importance of health checks.

3. Relax and be positive!The importance of health checks. Why should we do them?

Whether or not you go to the doctor for a general check-up, the ideal is that you do not worry too much on the day of the appointment. Or the days close to it. If you start having a nervous attitude, you will alter your organism. And it is even possible that you feel desires to cancel it. From Salud y Amistad we invite you to feel comfortable and think positive so that everything flows correctly in your health check-ups. It is one of the most tips importance of health checks.

4. Be honestThe importance of health checks. Why should we do them?

Although many believe that doctors do not realize the lies their patients say, the truth is different. Lying with the symptoms, quantities or types of drugs you used or other situations will not bring absolutely anything good, in addition, the doctor will notice immediately. Be honest with him and with yourself, your body needs it! It is one of the most tips importance of health checks.

5. Take the results of clinical analysisThe importance of health checks. Why should we do them?

After visiting the doctor on the first occasion and you have been indicated with the performance of certain tests, we recommend that you take them as soon as possible back to the office, only then you can get a quick diagnosis and start the treatment, if necessary. Also, in case you have recently done analysis by your own decision and now have health reviews, the best thing is that you do not forget to take those last results so that your treating doctor can review them and, thus, save time and avoid repeating them.

In short, performing health checks and clinical analysis is often essential to avoid any disease or condition that has not been diagnosed in time and may worsen your health progressively. Do not forget the importance of going exclusively to reliable medical centers, where there are trained professionals to give you the best care. It is one of the most tips importance of health checks.

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