5 natural remedies to say goodbye to dark circles

The recipes are easy to prepare and the ingredients are in your kitchen.

Do the spots and swelling under the eyes bother you? The area around the eye s is one of the most delicate on the face, which is why it suffers the most over time. Here are the natural remedies to say goodbye to dark circles.

In addition to wrinkles, dark circles are one of the aesthetic reasons that most disturb women.

“The lack of sleep, smoking, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, stress and poor diet are just some of the causes that contribute to this problem,

He said that the skin under the eyes does not have sebaceous glands, so it lacks fat, which is an essential element to keep skin moist and hydrated.

The specialist said that it is common to confuse dark circles with eye bags, but the difference is that the first ones are dark colored spots that surround the eye; while the latter are bulging or swelling under the eyes.

But it is comforting to know that from home you can minimize both problems to show healthy skin.

Natural remedies to say goodbye to dark circles

Potato compressesnatural remedies

This process is not difficult at all, it only consists of cutting two slices of potatoes and making sure it is cold. Then they place the eyes. You just have to leave them for 10 minutes. It is one of the natural remedies to reduce dark circles.

First, put the potato in the refrigerator for one or two hours, you can leave all night and occupy it the next day. Then cut into slices with a thickness of 1.5 centimeters, approximately. The effect begins when the slices are put in the eyes for 10 minutes. After removing the slices from the eyes, it is recommended to wash the area with cold water, including the eyelid.

The power of cucumbernatural remedies

This is one of the most effective remedies for dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is necessary to cut two slices of the thickest part of the vegetable, then place them over the closed eyes and let it rest for 14 minutes.  It is one of the natural remedies to reduce dark circles.

The slices can be soaked with cold water and put back over the eyes. This therapy is recommended three times a week if the problem is too accentuated.

Fusion of almond with coconutnatural remedies

Prepare a mixture of almond oil with coconut oil, and with this two balls. Or strips of cotton are moistened and copper eyes are placed for 10 to 15 minutes.

After removing, place two cotton swabs with warm water and leave for a few minutes. This helps minimize dark circles and eye bags. In addition, it moisturizes the skin.

Aloe veranatural remedies

It is much better if it is used when it is freshly extracted from the plant, for this a piece is cut, the gelatinous liquid is extracted, then it is applied in the area of the eyes and it is massaged. Let it act for a few minutes so that it works as a mask and then removed with cold water.  It is one of the natural remedies to reduce dark circles.

This application should be accompanied by massage, it is advisable to touch gently in the direction of the wing of the nose toward the temple.

Gel mask

If you prefer to make your life easier, this is the most appropriate and common option. The mask is in the beauty department of any supermarket. And just leave it in the fridge for a few minutes, let it cool and place it over your eyes.


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