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The traditional public house originated in the Roman era to quench the thirst of weary travellers as roads were built across the UK.

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The Decline of the Pub

Recent reports indicate that 254 pubs permanently closed their doors over the past year. The forecast is dismal for the British tavern, as the average young adult consumes only five units of booze a week – the equivalent of a few glasses of wine or a pint and a half. In fact, the number of under-25s embracing total abstinence has risen 40 per cent over the past eight years.

Despite Britain’s population rising by 17% since 1982, the number of pubs has fallen by 25%. According to the latest statistics, 27 pubs shut their doors every week.

Why are nightclubs and British boozers in decline? Some say it points to a cultural shift in our lifestyles involving drinking and eating habits. An increasing number of us avoid boozy nights out and instead spend our hard-earned money on nice meals out or takeaways.

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The Rise of the Café

Stepping up to take the boozer’s vacant space are independent tearooms and cafes. Over 400 cafes and 225 coffee shops opened in the past year, along with 254 more takeaway joints, increased no doubt by the popularity of food delivery apps such as Deliveroo. The UK population now consumes approximately 55 million coffee beverages per day.

141 Chinese and Indian restaurants have closed down this past year. However, the number of new beverage and food outlets opening this year across the UK has hit a new peak, with over 1,333 opening in the past 12 months. This is up from an average of around 740. If you are opening your own beverage or food outlet, ensure you install serve over display counters, such as those found at

Healthy restaurants have become a growing trend, with vegan food outlets experiencing success. The number of vegan restaurants has doubled in the last year, with outlets serving other cuisines such as Jamaican, Caribbean and Turkish food increasing in number across the country.

However, the flourishing food delivery market will become a crucial challenge to restaurants and the popularity of eating out. Uncertainty due to interest rates, inflation and Brexit will certainly mean more restaurants will have to shut down.


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