Winter skin: how to take care of it before marriage

Winter skin: how to take care of it before marriage. The beauty of the female universe also lies in the intricate world of wellness and body care. Taking care of oneself is a generous act of love as well as a necessity to arrive at the perfect and dazzling wedding day in one’s wedding dress. Know that even if you are a girl with soap and water and have chosen a simple wedding dress, the brightness of a well-groomed skin is not only the result of a perfect wedding makeup but also depends on the treatments performed.

Winter: a bitter enemyWinter skin: how to take care of it before marriage

There are two different ways to define this season from a skincare and beauty routine point of view. If on the one hand winter is a source of small problems related to the climate, temperatures and seasonal illnesses, on the other hand, brings with it the slowness of the days spent at home, where you can carve out, even in the evening, a few hours for a cuddle of daily beauty. What will reserve you around the corner, are dehydrated skin, dry and reddened, cuperose, chapped lips, swollen and rough hands, whitish color, chilblains; all factors related to the more or less accentuated sensitivity of your epidermis and its reaction to temperature changes as well as to the corrosive action of frost and wind. It is one of the best tips for winter skin.

Facial and body treatments

Winter skin: how to take care of it before marriage

If the brides of this season will prefer winter wedding dresses, for those of you who are preparing to welcome your wedding season, the watchword must be to take care of your face and body. Regularly subjected to face and body peeling will help you to perform an exfoliating action useful for cleaning up the epidermis of dead residues, including the dear old man, helping cell renewal and preparing the skin for a moisturizing action. In fact, creams play a fundamental role; those winters are definitely more full-bodied and velvety because rich in nutrients useful for our skin. It is one of the best tips for winter skin.

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Hands and feet treatmentsWinter skin: how to take care of it before marriage

The hands, together with the face, are among the parts of the body most exposed to frost and temperature changes: few protect them with gloves while everyone happens to place them spasmodically on radiators and stoves after exposing them to the cold, thus causing redness and cracking. In short, never neglect this part of the body that will then be the center of attention on the wedding day. Even if less exposed than the hands, the feet still need a very important care between cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing creams just like the face with the so-called foot mask to wear even at night, with special exfoliating and softening effects; the use of diced products of vitamin C and olive oil will help you to wear divinely wedding sandals . It is one of the best tips for winter skin.

A look at the make-upWinter skin: how to take care of it before marriage

The choice of make-up products to be used daily is a prerequisite to the wellness treatments we discussed in the previous paragraphs. The trick is also a way to protect the skin when you are outside the home, which is why it is essential to apply a moisturizing and protective base with a good foundation or a BB cream, along with a creamy lipstick, classic cocoa butter or lip gloss. These measures are also essential for those who do not like make-up and will choose a natural wedding makeup for their wedding. It is one of the best tips for winter skin.

Grandma’s advice

-Protect your hands even when you are at home, in household chores, taking care to use latex gloves to avoid direct contact with aggressive detergents or too hot or cold water;

-Feeding in winter is also essential for the skin: fill up with vitamins, antioxidants, seasonal fruit, and vegetables;

-Always drink plenty of water because it is from here that a good hydration of the skin begins;

-Treat yourself to hot baths but be careful not to use too aggressive detergents;

-Dehumidify your home or office constantly so as to have a dry and slightly damaging environment for your skin.

To implement these little beauty tips you will not need to spend a capital, indeed, if you are passionate about DIY so much to have designed your wedding favors , you can make homemade bio creams based on essential oils, sugar and sodium bicarbonate. Also, for a 360 ° cuddle, ask for advice from your hair stylist who will take care of the wedding hairstyle to understand how to take care of the skin and your hair in the winter months. It is one of the best tips for winter skin.


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