Becoming a Police Officer “On the beat.”

An Officer who is “On the beat”, usually drives around a specific area that they are responsible for in a fully equipped marked Police vehicle, that is instantly recognisable to others.  They would normally respond either in the vehicle or on foot to calls for a Police presence that are NOT of an emergency nature. However, this does not mean they will not face confrontation or challenging situations when they respond to their next call. Having the benefit of attending a Challenging behaviour course or two they will be able to react appropriately and diffuse the situation quickly and professionally. These elite courses are run by experienced companies such as and teach everything you would need to know as an Officer on the Beat, about how to deal with aggressive and threatening individuals.

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These essential roles as Police Officers, “On the Beat” ensure a timely response to a call out for a non-emergency Police presence, promote a better relationship between locals and the Police, deter gangs of criminals from taking control of an area and reinforce cooperation with the local population. You will become a trusted member of the local community and will be responsible for creating a calm and crime free area that locals feel safe to live and work in.

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Having a calm and empathetic nature, being considerate of others, working well in a team, good communication and listening skills are all important attributes for this role.


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