Importance of first aid in children’s sports

It’s very important that young people and children get to play some kind of sport. The levels of childhood obesity and those overweight at an early age are becoming more and more commonplace. The only way to help reduce that trend is to get kids to be more active. However, being children, they will no doubt have a natural “devil may care” attitude. This can result in injuries and it’s why Emergency First Aid Training Courses should be the order of the day. If you go to a company like they can provide this for you.


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Children are harder than we give them credit for but, with their developing bones and physical frame, they can do themselves some lasting damage if they break a bone or get hurt. However, if they have first aid administered quickly and competently then the worst of the effects can be averted.

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Thankfully, heart attacks and strokes are not common in children, although they do occur, it’s more likely that you will be dealing with cuts and bruises. Cuts usually appear worse than they actually are but can be distressing and will need looking at. Breaks are more serious and may require a splint or sling to try and make things more comfortable. The main aim of first aid is to make sure that the person is ready for the ambulance and is, hopefully, out of immediate danger.


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