10 signs that you are healthy that have nothing to do with your weight

The weight of a person is usually one of the first things that doctors measure to assess your health.

However, it is not the only way to measure how healthy you are, and most of the time. It does not even provide an accurate assessment. Because the simple number on the scale says nothing about the risk of illness, physical condition, mental health and many other aspects of well-being that influence health.

In fact, giving weight to the weight could be counterproductive, since linking the “healthy weight” with health itself can make the “heavier” people feel ashamed, prevent doctors from solving health problems of overweight patients and make that lighter people are less cautious about their health.

On the other hand, health is very individualized. To have a complete picture of her. You would need a medical degree, a blood test and a lot of clinical tests.

But if you want to know how you are doing without exams or step on a scale, you can take into account these other signs of the health of Fall Ferguson, teacher of comprehensive education in health and president of the Association of Diversity and Health Size:

10 signs that you are healthy that have nothing to do with your weight

1.You eat more whole foods than processed foods

signs that you are healthy

There is no denying that food plays a role in health, but we often have a good or bad approach to eating well.

So one of the simplest things you can do ” eats more whole foods and less processed foods,” says Ferguson. That is, more lean proteins, such as chicken breasts instead of processed deli meat; whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa instead of bread, chips, and crackers, and yes, lots of fruits and vegetables. Keep reading http://trenchpress.com/stay-hydrated-with-healthy-water/

2.You eat when you are hungry and you stop when it is full

signs that you are healthy

There is good evidence that these behaviors will make you healthier and make you feel better, even if your weight does not change, according to the authors of the Journal of Obesity.

When you realize which foods satisfy your appetite and give you sustainable energy, and which make you feel bloated or slow, you will begin to see that the foods are pleasant and functional, and you will be less likely to eat things that do not benefit your body and you are more likely to eat quantities that suit your needs.

3.Do not punish yourself when you eat sweet, fried or considered “bad” thingssigns that you are healthy

Mainly, you do not do it because 1) it was delicious and 2) you do not eat it every day. Also, that has nothing to do with watching your weight: you simply know that your body works best when it is filled with healthy foods.

4.You move your body and call it exercise

signs that you are healthy

In fact, you even like it, and it does not have to be 45 minutes or an hour: the activity throughout the day can seriously benefit your mental and physical health. Continue Reading- The five exercises that are most effective in losing weight

5.You do not feel bad about the amount of food you eat

You only feel satisfied or hungry, as we mentioned above.

6.You have some kind of connection with your community

Whether you eat with your friends in the office or volunteer in a church group, long-term studies suggest that the united communities are clinically healthier than the “disconnected neighbors.”

7.You get enough sleep to function

signs that you are healthy

So that means getting attached to sleep at 10 pm, or sleeping until noon on weekends, you should get enough sleep to be able to spend the day without drinking too much coffee or falling asleep at the wheel.

Also, lack of sleep can interfere with your body’s hunger signals, so you can not determine if you are satisfied or hungry.

8.You physically perform the things that matter to you

That could mean simply climbing stairs without running out of breath or running a half marathon. If you are not in shape, you may not be able to achieve it overnight. But good health means you can set a goal and be reasonable to achieve it.

9.You can manage your daily life

That means you do not break into crying at work normally. Beyond an occasional bad day, you can usually handle the challenges that life throws at you. What does this have to do with health? It is a sign that you are well suited to repel the kind of stress that leads to chronic diseases.

10.You find a way to feel good about how you spend your days

Not everyone can do the work they love, but if you can find a way to make it personally meaningful. Your optimistic attitude will make you more resistant and will improve your well-being.

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