What to include in a first aid kit

Most accidents happen in the home, but it is not because it is a dangerous place but because it is where we spend most of the time, so it is important that you have everything you need to attend to any type of emergency. If you now ask yourself, what to include in a first aid kit? Then you will discover them.

Tips for preparing a first-aid kitfirst aid kit

We will give you some basic recommendations that you should consider when preparing a kit for emergencies. First, make sure that the kit is small and has a striking color that will help you find it more easily.

Place several plastic bags that are used to freeze food, this will be very helpful to keep in good condition objects or medications that must be kept dry. When you are assembling your medicine cabinet, carry out two divisions on one side, you will have to place all the basic supplies and in the other section all the medicines. Continue reading- 9 foods which fight against depression in 2018

Finally, if you have not used your kit yet, do not forget to check all the supplies frequently so that you always have everything you need and check the expiration dates. Keep reading http://wolff-tech.com/the-benefits-of-using-a-property-management-agent/

Basic elements of a first aid kitfirst aid kit

Events like a fall, a blow or a burn is something that we can not control, it is for this reason that we must have at home everything necessary to attend to any type of emergency. Next, we will make a list of the articles that must not be missing in a homemade kit:

  1. Scissors, this will help you to cut ribbons, gauze, bandages or clothes in case of emergency.
  2. Gauze and bandages will be essential to clean a wound or stop bleeding if necessary.
  3. Band-aids which will be very helpful in covering small wounds
  4. Adhesive tape (tape), sire to hold bandages
  5. Gloves used to avoid direct contact with a wound
  6. Alcohol used to disinfect wounds
  7. Thermometer, help to take the temperature
  8. Pills to treat pain or lower fever
  9. Aspirin or another kind of analgesic
  10. Medicine against diarrhea and antacids
  11. Soap to disinfect or wash wounds
  12. Flashlight, it will help you to have better visibility if you do not have adequate lighting.
  13. List of emergency numbers
  14. If there is a person at home with a chronic disease, put in the first aid kit the medicines needed to treat it.
  15. Hand disinfectant and facial mask.
  16. First aid manual.

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