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Diet foods: the 8 best diet food list to lose weight

Diet foods: the 8 best diet food list to lose weight. From lean fish to tofu, from yogurt to coffee, from potatoes to vegetables: here are all the foods recommended for your diet. With these foods, you will lose weight quickly, but without sacrificing taste. During a diet, in fact, all food seems to us “enemy”, but there are a number of foods that help us lose weight and that must be seen as our precious allies. These are foods that are low in calories but which can satisfy us and give a balanced intake of vitamins, sugars, proteins, and fats.

1.Low-fat fish: the ideal food for your diet diet food list

Most fish are great to eat when following a diet or diet because they have a low caloric intake. The only exceptions are marine fish with a high-fat content, such as eel, herring or sardines, salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Cooking, of course, is also important. No to the fried and breading, which absorb all the oil. Better to cook on the grill, in a pan with just one teaspoon of oil or in the oven, perhaps with some spices to give flavor to the fish without increasing the caloric intake, or even in the paper. It is one of the best diet food to lose weight.

2.Fruit: among the most recommended foods for weight lossdiet food list

Do you want a snack during the afternoon or mid-morning? Better to choose a fruit! Fruit in general, including bananas, although often misunderstood by those on a diet, has calories below 1 kcal / g, and is, therefore, suitable for weight loss. Berries, peaches, and apples are particularly low in a number of calories. The only fruit to pay attention to is avocado because it is rich in oils and fats and therefore particularly caloric. Pay attention to the nuts and all the dried fruit that must be consumed in moderation. It is one of the best diet food to lose weight.

3.Vegetables: the food that can not miss in every dietdiet food list

If there is a food group that can be eaten without hesitation during a diet, this is the vegetable. All kinds of vegetables have very few calories and are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If until now the vegetables have always been simply the topping of a steak to have a visually more colorful dish, starting now double the quantities and drastically reduce the size of the steaks. Continue reading-Fruit at night, is it a good option

4. White meat: among the most suitable foods for the diet  diet food list

Chicken and turkey are a good choice if you like to eat a piece of meat from time to time. Poultry has little fat and before cooking it is advisable to remove the skin and proceed to cook in a non-stick pan with a little oil. Another possible cooking is on the slightly greased plate previously. Duck and goose meat should be consumed only in small quantities and not very often because they contain much more chicken or turkey fat. It is one of the best diet food to lose weight.

5. Natural yogurt: the right food to lose weight with taste diet food list

Natural low-fat yogurt is an excellent food for diets because it contains a lot of calcium. And protein but few calories. You can also use it in many ways: alone, with a little honey or a teaspoon of jam or, better still, with some fresh fruit. Moreover, not containing sugar, you can also use it to prepare healthy sauces to dress your dishes: just add some finely chopped aromatic herbs. Excellent, for example, is the yogurt sauce with chives or wild fennel, which accompany the grilled white fish very well. It is one of the best diet food to lose weight.

6. Tofu: fewer calories for an ideal food for the diet diet food list

If you prefer to eliminate meat and fish altogether or at least want a good alternative. Why not try tofu, a favorite ingredient in oriental kitchens? It is a soy “cheese”, which contains very few fats and very few calories. Not having a too strong taste goes well with many other ingredients: you can do it in spicy version, with soy sauce, curry7. Salad: the queen of any diet to lose weight quickly One of the typical tips of diets is to eat a plate of salad before anything else. And it’s effective! The reason is simple: although it has few calories and has no fat, it is rich in water, so it quickly fills the stomach, leaving little room for other dishes. It is one of the best diet food to lose weight.

7. Water: lose weight quickly by drinking more diet food list

Obviously, regardless of diet, drinking is essential. On the other hand, our body is made of 70% of water, is not it? In a diet, the carbonated drinks, the beer (which among other things contains yeast, then swells). And the sweetened teas should be eliminated. Yes, however, to natural water (or carbonated, if you really cannot drink the first). Of which you should drink at least two liters a day. In addition, if you drink at least 2-3 glasses of water before a meal you will feel full before!

8. Coffee: another ideal food for weight loss diet food list

A cup of coffee contains only 2 calories. If obviously drunk without the addition of sugar or sweeteners (recommended, if not mandatory in any self-respecting diet). Coffee is an ideal food to speed up the metabolism. And lose weight faster, thanks to its thermogenic and stimulating action that helps burn fat.

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