6 healthy sandwiches to enjoy at work

Healthy snacks to enjoy at work. With the current rhythm of life, eating away from home is something of the most common. Tupper food and sandwiches are the two most common options that we must take care of  if we want to be well fed and feel healthy. Taking a snack mid-morning, as a snack, or turning it into the main meal of the day is a practical idea, perfect to take to work. Prepare real gourmet sandwiches involves little time and, choosing ingredients that provide energy and not too much fat, the sandwiches have a perfect place in the set of a balanced diet.healthy sandwiches

The best recipes for your sandwich to be the most desired of the office

Do not abuse oils, butter or mayonnaise. You do not need them to make your sandwich rich, juicy and full of energy and nutrients that will help you face the afternoon. Prepare it in a way that does not lack carbohydrates, in the form of bread that you like, proteins, from some kind of meat, fish or egg, and one or several vegetable ingredients that give you fibre and phytonutrients.

1.Endive and salmon sandwichhealthy sandwiches

A delight that will feel great on your lunch break. It is very well made in a consistent bread, for example, rye bread. You just have to put some endives and some slices of smoked salmon. Garnish with a little pepper and dill. If you want, you can also spread the bread with a few spoonfuls of skimmed yogurt or with a bit of soft, creamy cheese. It is one of the best healthy sandwiches.

2. Turkey and turkey breast sandwichhealthy sandwiches

Super healthy and with an excellent protein level. It goes well with baguette bread and you can do it with a few slices of turkey breast, preferably braised to make it juicier, and slices of hard-boiled egg. Take advantage to incorporate some leaves of tender lettuce type oak leaf or Trocadero. Continue reading-“http://ezhealthinsurance.org/fruit-night-good-option/”

3.Roast beef sandwich with tomatohealthy sandwiches

It is a true full plate that requires a light crumb bread with hard crust (good choice a bread with seeds). The roast beef contains less fat but important vitamins and minerals to help you continue the journey. The tomato makes the sandwich not dry and helps you take care of antioxidants. If you prefer, roasted meat with roasted green peppers is another rich and healthy option. Remember to dry the peppers on kitchen paper before putting them on the bread so as not to incorporate too much oil. It is one of the best healthy sandwiches.

4.Seitan sandwich with stewed vegetableshealthy sandwiches

Regarding nutritional values, little has to envy to the previous ones, seitan, derived from soya considered as “vegetable meat”, can be sliced into thin slices and work just like any meat sausage. If you accompany it with some sautéed vegetables: carrot, cabbage, onion … your sandwich is surprisingly delicious and you will not be hungry until dinner. It is one of the best healthy sandwiches.

5.Pesto chicken sandwichhealthy sandwiches

With roasted chicken breast you can make very healthy and energetic sandwiches, ideal for a full lunch that is not heavy. Try to take it on bread previously spread with pesto, that is, with a dressing made with a few tablespoons of virgin olive oil, parsley and some cloves of crushed garlic. Your sandwich will give off an irresistible aroma and the breast will be at its point. If you do not like the taste of garlic, another option of chicken sandwich is to turn to mustard. Spread the bread with it, add some onion rings, raw or golden, and some rocket leaves … you will see that the breast with the bread will reach another level. It is one of the best healthy sandwiches.

6.Cheese sandwich with applehealthy sandwiches

Although it sounds a bit weird, it’s a mixture that goes great because of the combination of flavours between sweet, sour and salty. Cut the apple into thin slices and place them next to the slices of the cheese that you like and that is not too strong, for example, Edam, goat curl, cheddar, camembert. no one would say but the apple gives excellent results. It is one of the best healthy sandwiches.


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