Tips for seniors during the quarantine

Tips for seniors during the quarantine

Older people need more support than ever right now. It is they who are most at risk, and also those who must apply the strictest measures. However, this time can also be enjoyable if the right decisions are made.

Surely, older people around the world have had a high-stress load in recent weeks. No one was prepared to face such drastic measures as quarantine, a situation that completely changes daily life and restricts the possibilities of action.

The elderly, as well as those who suffer from some diseases, carry the greatest risk and the greatest psychological weight in this situation. It is mainly they who must accept the restrictions more rigorously. The first of them: do not leave your houses.

The topic is not debated, since staying at home is the fundamental measure to protect the lives of older people. However, this can become an additional factor of distress if not managed properly. The confinement is not easy to bear, but with goodwill, it is achieved. Here are some tips to make this situation less difficult.

Reduce exposure: a crucial measure for older people

All the available scientific evidence, as well as the experience in various countries of the world, indicates that the most effective measure to avoid contagion is isolation. Avoiding contact with others is important for everyone, but especially for older people.

So the first reason to see this situation in positive terms is that: there is an opportunity to avoid contagion, and that is excellent. So older people must hold onto that possibility because it is their passport to continue enjoying their lives and being present in the lives of those who love and need them.

Understand that it is temporaryTips for seniors during the quarantine

The quarantine measure is temporary and serves to limit the contagion, that is, decrease the speed with which the virus spreads, and thus make the situation more controllable. Isolation will not last forever. The more people abide by it, the more likely it is to end in less time.

In times when the isolation is too heavy, you have to remember that it will simply be a situation of two or three months. So the best thing is to organize the mind to take advantage of that lapse in the best way so that soon it becomes only the memory of a different experience.

The elderly and the use of timeTips for seniors during the quarantine

It is a good idea to plan a routine that suits the new situation. This is common for a person to stay at home for a long time with a certain amount of laziness, and that cannot be allowed to happen. It is advisable to organize the time with the activities that can be carried out.

It is best not to miss normal sleep and mealtimes. Get up in the morning, bathe and get ready for a new day, which this time will take place inside the house. We should not be tempted to spend all day in our pajamas. And in front of the television changing the channel.

What to do during quarantine?Tips for seniors during the quarantine

There are many answers to this question but in general. It can be said that this depends on the tastes, interests, and hobbies of each person. A good idea is to start by making a list of activities that are long overdue and can be done at home. For example, organizing the closet, or the books, or finishing homework.

As much as possible, this is also a good time to explore those hobbies that are sometimes neglected by normal routine. For example, writing, painting, or gardening. Writing a diary in which the details of the experience are recorded helps to order ideas and do catharsis.

Keep in contact

It is important for older people to keep in touch with family or acquaintances. Staying home doesn’t mean cutting all ties. To avoid this there are telephones, the internet, and the media.

This is perhaps an opportunity to explore a little more technological devices with which it is easy to be in contact with others. It is advisable to contact acquaintances to ask how they are and let them know how you are. There is even the possibility of creating a network or group to be in contact on a daily basis and provide mutual help, if necessary.

It is also good to stay informed through radio, newspaper or television, to be aware of how the situation is progressing. Every day that isolation and social distancing is maintained is an achievement. The chances of getting ahead of all this growth.

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