Who was Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is a name that many people have heard of, especially if they work in nursing or other care based positions such as those Care Jobs Gloucester way that see trained carers supporting a variety of people with a number of different needs.

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Nightingale was born in 1820 and trained as a nurse. She spent much of her life working in the nursing profession, but it wasn’t until the Crimea War that she was noticed. During the conflict, not only did she help the wounded, but she also acted as a trainer for nurses who were coming into the profession and also as their manager. It is this work that she conducted during this time that has led to her being noted as the founder of modern nursing as well as gaining her the nickname ‘Lady with the Lamp.’

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Following on from the war, Nightingale set up St Thomas’ Nursing Hospital in London. This school is still a part of King’s College, London, today. As a way of honouring the work she did to help bring more women into the nursing world, the pledge that is taken by new nurses is known as the Nightingale Pledge, and the highest award that can be given to a nurse in recognition of their work is called the Florence Nightingale Medal. Each year International Nurses Day is held on Nightingales’ birthday on the 12th of May to help recognise the important work that nurses do across the globe.

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