9 Properties of green coffee that will make you include it in your diet

The usual coffee roasting process is not healthy for our health at all. However, green coffee beans, which are unroasted seeds of the Arabica Coffea plant, do not follow the same procedure and antioxidants are not lost, which is highly beneficial for us. Although this is not a specially known product, in Health and Friendship we want to discover the properties of green coffee, since they are numerous and truly important. Do you want to discover them with us?

9 Properties of green coffee that will make you include it in your diet

1. Rich in antioxidants9 Properties of green coffee that will make you include it in your diet

As we mentioned before, green coffee beans are rich in antioxidants, which help us to fight the harmful effects of free radicals in our body and take care of our health in general. They can control the glucose levels in our blood and prevent the cells of our skin from aging faster.

2. Metabolism aid

The green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which helps to strengthen the metabolism. It minimizes the excessive release of glucose from the liver into the blood, which causes our body to start burning stored fat cells to meet the glucose requirement. Thus, pure green coffee beans increase our ability to burn fat and, therefore, control excess weight.

3. Against diabetes

Among the properties of green coffee is also to reduce high levels of glucose in our bloodstream, while also accelerating weight loss. These two characteristics are essential to treat type 2 diabetes. Although as always we recommend, if you have diabetes (of any kind) consult it before with your endocrine.

4. Reduce bad cholesterol

High cholesterol levels tend to be a nightmare for many people. Green coffee beans can significantly control those levels of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is the main culprit in making us vulnerable to serious cardiovascular disorders, including myocardial infarction.

5. It helps blood circulation.

High blood pressure ( hypertension ) can trigger very important diseases such as stroke, heart failure, chronic renal failure, etc … But it has been discovered that green coffee beans have a very active and powerful ingredient similar to the principle of Aspirin that has a positive impact on our blood by preventing platelets from clumping together. The result is that our arteries do not harden and the circulation of our blood greatly improves.

6. Natural detox

Now that detox products are so fashionable, we should know that green coffee beans are a natural detoxifier. They cleanse our liver and release it from toxins, bad cholesterol, unnecessary fats, etc. As our liver goes detoxifying, improves its function and in turn improves our metabolism and our health in general.

7. Extra dose of energy

Due to the presence of a large amount of caffeine, green coffee beans can be used as an excellent energy booster. They can raise our energy level and keep us active throughout the day. However, we must bear in mind that caffeine taken in large doses is not good for our body.

8. An ally against aging

In addition to the antioxidant agents, green coffee beans are also rich in fatty acids, arachidic acid, linoleic acid, and oleic acid, which nourish and hydrate our skin to stop sagging, discoloration and other severe damage, thus reducing aging.

9. Fight against baldness

Green coffee beans also have properties against alopecia. The extract of these grains helps to significantly increase the growth and thickness of our hair. As it helps us fight against everything toxic and harmful, our hair is still strong, healthy and beautiful. It is necessary to clarify that it does not avoid baldness (if its cause is also genetic), but it can help to delay the symptoms and to gain in quality of hair.

There are several ways to take this product. Or in capsules of green coffee bean extract (which you will surely find in herbal shops or natural products stores) either by infusing with boiling water and whole grain or by grinding and making coffee as you would with a normal coffee. It is best to take them twice a day, preferably in the morning fasting and before or after meals.

So far our 9 properties of green coffee, we hope you found the content of our article interesting. Tell us, did you already know the properties of green coffee? Did you find interesting the benefits it brings to our body? We await your comments!


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