5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Beards

It takes consistent, proper beard maintenance to keep your facial hair healthy, manageable, and looking its best. Beard care is important and complicated at times.

The length and thickness of your beard may not matter as much as you think when it comes to maintenance. Beards of all shapes and sizes require some maintenance for optimal appearance and health. Here are five essential tips from casinoroar.com.

Wash at all times

A clean beard is a healthy beard and just like your hair, your beard also needs to be washed. This is why you should make sure to wash your beard between two to three times weekly with men’s natural shampoo. Asides from keeping your beard clean, this will prevent the buildup of sweat, excess oil or dirt in your beard and keeps it smelling great. Opt for sulphate free shampoos made using natural ingredients instead of chemical-based shampoos as it wouldn’t be wise to put chemicals on the hair that surrounds your mouth.

Condition your beards

Keeping your beard soft is the key to not wanting to shave it all off. A dry scratchy beard will be unbearable, and the way to avoid that is to use a beard conditioner. A good conditioner will moisturize your beard, and it will keep it healthy—two important factors in maintaining face comfort. A conditioner also has the added benefit of working almost like a styling gel, so you can keep that thing tame and not look like you just rolled in from eight years of living alone in the woods.

Apply oil

Baseball mitts, butcher blocks, and beards. What do they all have in common? You need to oil them. While a conditioner does soften your beard, a good beard oil will soften it even further, plus has the added advantage of warding off the dreaded beard dandruff. No one wants to see a guy with a dusting of skin flakes down the front of his shirt after all. And perhaps the coup de grace of a good beard oil is that it will make your beard smell amazing. And since it never leaves your face, smelling amazing is a pretty sweet perk, courtesy of real money slots online.


Another essential tip to keeping your beard well kept and healthy is to trim it. Beard hairs often do not grow evenly and as it grows out, you might also want to add a bit of shape. Using a pair of scissors, snip off uneven patches, split and loose ends off your beards to keep it trimmed and even. Remember to follow the natural contour of your face while doing this to ensure that your hair is kept in uniform length. Use a small comb to brush out your beard when trimming to identify what parts need to be cut shorter and make sure they are of equal lengths.

Clean up your neckline and stay healthy

Your trimmer is an essential beard maintenance tool – it’s critical to cleaning up your neck line. Your beard is an outer reflection of your inner health. If you want a thick, healthy beard, make it a part of your overall healthy lifestyle.


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