Lose weight with these 4 natural recipes

While these recipes reduce fluid retention and help us lose weight, it is essential to include them in a balanced diet and accompany them with moderate physical exercise.

There is no miraculous formula for losing weight overnight. Although this process varies depending on the rhythm of the metabolism of each person, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle to achieve results.

Nowadays there are many complementary products that can be of great help to burn fat. However, the main recommendation remains to maintain a healthy diet, controlled in calories.

In addition to this, you can take into account a series of natural recipes whose combination of ingredients promotes the detoxification of the body and the reduction of those “extra” kilos.

In this opportunity we want to share in detail 4 interesting options so do not hesitate to take them into account as part of your regular diet.

Enjoy them!

Infusion of ginger, black pepper, and honeyLose weight

The ingredients that we combine in this natural infusion contain active ingredients that “boost” metabolic activity to increase energy expenditure during the day.

Its high content of antioxidant compounds and vitamins and minerals protects the cells of the body, improves circulation and supports the elimination of toxins.


1 cup of hot water (250 ml)

½ teaspoon ground ginger (5 g)

1 pinch of black pepper

1 tablespoon of organic honey (25 g)


Heat a cup of water and, when it reaches a boil, add the ground ginger and a pinch of black pepper.

Cover the drink, let it rest for 10 minutes and filter it with a cloth strainer.

To finish, add a spoonful of honey to sweeten.

Consumption mode

Swallow the infusion 30 minutes before breakfast.

Take it at least 3 times a week. Continue Reading- Fruit at night, is it a good option

Artichoke and lemon drinkLose weight

The artichoke is a diuretic and depurative vegetable that serves as an ally to control overweight. It is light in calories and contains powerful antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. It helps you to lose weight fast.

In this recipe, we enhance its properties with the nutrients of lemon juice, an alkaline ingredient that helps improve digestion and the functions of the lymphatic system.


1 medium artichoke

3 cups of water (750 ml)

The juice of 2 lemons


Chop the artichoke and add it to a pot.

Add the cups of water and put them to boil, over low heat, for 20 minutes.

After this time, turn off the drink and let it rest until it is suitable for consumption.

Then, filter it with a colander and add the lemon juice.

Consumption mode

Eat a cup of artichoke water before each main meal.

Repeat the remedy at least 3 times a week.

Juice of cucumber, tomato, and celeryLose weight

Rich in dietary fiber, antioxidant compounds, and essential minerals, this vegetable juice is an excellent supplement to lose weight without suffering.

Its high water content gives it diuretic properties, which promote the elimination of liquids to avoid interferences in the activity of the metabolism.


½ cucumber with shell

2 ripe tomatoes

1 branch of celery

1 glass of water (200 ml)


Wash the cucumber and tomatoes well and cut into several pieces.

Add them to the glass of the blender and add the celery branch and the glass of water.

Process everything for a few moments, until you obtain a homogeneous smoothness without lumps.

Consumption mode

Eat the juice on an empty stomach, or in the middle of the morning when you feel hungry.

Cabbage soupLose weight

The cabbage soup is a low-calorie food that prolongs the feeling of fullness to avoid those continuous “pecking” that lead to eating more than it should.

Some eat it as a main dish since it contains important vitamins and minerals that benefit different aspects of health. It helps you to lose weight fast.


1 small cabbage

1 large onion

3 tomatoes

1 small red green pepper

1 branch of celery

Water (the necessary)

Salt and pepper to taste)


Wash and chop all the vegetables.

Put them in a pot and cover them with enough water.

Heat them over medium heat and add the amount of salt and pepper you want.

Wait until it reaches a boil, lower the heat to a minimum, and let it boil for 20 to 30 minutes until the vegetables soften.

Consumption mode

Eat a bowl of soup at lunchtime or at dinner.

Note: The soup should not be consumed as the only food. Although it is very satiating, it does not meet the nutritional requirements of the organism.

Do you find yourself struggling with excess weight? What do you think if you try these healthy recipes? Choose the one you like and check its properties.

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