Colour considerations in branding

Brands need to make an emotional connection with their customers and potential clients on some level. This is what helps keep them coming back to buy products and services and helps them to recommend the business to others. It is important that this connection is made early on and branding colours is one way to achieve this. Branding needs to be thought about carefully and you should work with a Brand Strategy Agency like to help you achieve this.

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Brands are made up of a number of elements that include the logo, colours, typography and tone of voice that are used in marketing collateral. All of these work together to make up a brand. When you think of high profile companies you are often able to conjure up the image of the logo in your mind. This is what creates a great customer connection. McDonalds for example is well known and everyone knows that they have a yellow M as their logo.

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Colours can evoke emotions and it is important that you are aware of what the colours you choose in your brandin may present. If you are planning on working with an international audience you will also need to be aware of what colours may mean in different countries and to different cultures. This will help to inform you of colours that you may want to avoid in your branding.

The link between colours and our emotions is documented in our evolution as human beings. Red has always been seen as the colour of danger and it is no coincidence the poisonous berries are coloured red. Blue is seen as a calming colour and this links with our enjoyment of being close to water and the colours of the ocean.

When it comes to using colours in a brand, there will often be a colour palette that is utilised. This will comprise of the main colours that are used in the logo as well as other colours that may be used as accent or complementary colours. It is important that you record the names and hex codes of these colours so that you can pass these on to anyone who is undertaking your marketing or creating printed items for you.

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