Travelling around the country in your old motorhome with your beloved pet.

For many older couples the idea of selling their large family home and travelling around the country in an old motorhome with their beloved pet, has become one of the biggest wishes on peoples Bucket List. This is a list of amazing things people desperately want to achieve before they pass away or become too poorly to accomplish.

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The smaller property you now own has a garage where you can store your beloved old car and other treasured possessions, but it is not very secure.  Before you start your exciting travels it would be wise to invest in new Garage Doors Swindon from a reputable company such as  Once you have your home and garage secure you are ready to start your travels.  Planning where you want to really go is essential and having a sensible route to take is wise.  Make sure your old motorhome is fully serviced before you go so that you have less worries of breakdowns and mechanical difficulties.

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Preparation for any long journey is paramount, stocking up on essentials, picking travelling sites that have clothes washing facilities and are close to essential facilities such as shops etc must be at the top of your preparation list. Let your family know where you are going and keeping in touch on a regular basis helps to give you and your family peace of mind.  All that’s left to do now is travel to all the places on your Bucket List with your beloved pet and have the time of your lives.


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