What is laminate flooring made of

Laminate Wood Flooring like that available from www.irwintiles.ie/wooden-flooring/laminate-flooring is used in many homes across the world. It is the perfect option if you are looking to create a luxurious feel for your living room or bedroom. It is a popular choice with allergy sufferers as they are easier to clean than carpet and do not trap dust and dirt in the same way. You can brush over a laminate floor daily to remove any dust and dirt particles, and this can help prevent some allergy symptoms from occurring.

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This type of flooring is made up of three very distinct layers. The primary layer is made from high-density wood fibre (HDF), which is essentially compressed wood fibres. It is this layer that varies in thickness, density and its resistance to moisture and is what will affect the quality and the price of the laminate.

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On top of the HDF, decorative papers are placed, and this is what gives the laminate flooring its colour and patterning. The top layer above this is a transparent sheet of lamination. This layer protects the flooring, and it can come in a number of different thicknesses and strengths. Again this will affect the durability of the flooring and its lifespan.

In some cases, an embossed layer may be added, which helps to give the laminate the appearance of actual wood, but this will depend very much on the type of laminate that you can opt for.


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