Do cell phones really cause brain cancer?

For years there has been speculation over whether cell phones could cause brain cancer. There have been many debates over the answer with no clear-cut answer emerging. Some discredit those warning of the possible link between brain cancer and cell phone use as proponents of the “sky is falling” school of thought. But the argument has continued anyway.

As the popularity of cell phone use has grown, so has the concern. When cell phones first emerged, they were a luxury item that most people couldn’t afford. Now it is shocking to discover anyone that doesn’t have a cell phone. But this trend has occurred only in very recent years. It generally takes many years, sometimes even decades, for all of the associated problems to come to light.

brain cancer

For researchers to make a definitive determination, a study must be completed. But studies on causal links between cell phones and brain cancer would require years of research. Researchers cannot speculate on long-term issues when the prevalence of cell phones have not even reached long-term status. So researchers cannot do more than guess at the potential outcome of 50 years of exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. Read more Hockey helps player to recover from cancer.

Since the final word cannot be given until after the potential problems present themselves, prevention is the advice being preached by concerned researchers. Avoid pressing the cell phone up against your ear, even your body, if you can. There is special concern over the impact of the radiation on children and teens. How will the electromagnetic radiation affect their maturing brains?

Blue tooth is a great alternative to pressing the phone to your ear. Blue tooth will not emit the electromagnetic radiation concerning experts. Blue tooth and headsets are among the recommended precautions experts are suggesting. Since the potential dangers cannot be confirmed until after they occur, it might be wise to take their advice. After all, you don’t want to discover cell phones cause brain cancer after using them for forty years, do you?


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