11 cancer symptoms that people ignore

With cancer being one of the most lethal diseases worldwide. The best thing that can happen is to discover it and treat it in time. Here you will find eleven cancer symptoms that you should not ignore.

It is known that cancer – in any of its versions – is one of the diseases that has claimed the most lives in recent times. Something that hundreds of doctors have asked the world population is to be alert to the slightest sign of disease and to go to the doctor to achieve an early diagnosis of any disease, especially cancer.

In order to take them into account and count them as a possible early warning of cancer.  I will now point to 11 cancer symptoms of this malady that people often overlook.

We share cancer symptoms that people ignore

1.Frequent dry cough and hoarsenesscancer symptoms

Although a cough seems to be benign, when it comes out of nowhere, becomes persistent and presents bleeding it is better to contemplate the idea of going to the doctor and thus be able to discover or rule out lung cancer.

Regarding hoarseness, this is a symptom of inflammation in the oral cords and may be evidence of some minor malignancy or throat cancer.

2.Unexplained weight loss or increasecancer symptoms

If you lose or gain weight from nothing and have been following your usual diet, it is time to open your eyes and go to the doctor to perform a checkup. For the above, that could be a sign of cancer of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus or even lung cancer.

Another sign that many people overlook is the difficulty swallowing food or that it is painful, as it could be a sign of cancer of the esophagus or throat.

3.Changes in the intestinal routine

Regarding the habits of deposition, all people are different. While some often go to the bathroom, others suffer from constipation. An obvious sign that something is not working as it should is to notice the color of your stools or notice if they have blood, or if there is diarrhea or chronic constipation and strong urges to go to the bathroom but doing so is an impossible task and is accompanied by abdominal pain.

Add to the above cancer symptoms of indigestion, cramps and unexplained stomach pains; those should be enough signs that something is not right with the intestine.

4.Unusual vaginal bleeding

Bleeding outside the normal menstrual cycle is not normal at all. This is a strong indication of problems with the womb and cervix. If you also have hemorrhages it is better that you go to the gynecologist as soon as possible and thus avoid taking an unpleasant surprise.

5.Exhaustion without apparent cause and back pain

cancer symptoms
The pain is deep

Pain in the lower back without a cause that justifies it, may be evidence of ovarian cancer. If associated with that ailment you have fatigue or fatigue without a real explanation. Then it is time to go to the doctor.

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6.Jaundicecancer symptoms

Jaundice is the yellowish color acquired by the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. It usually occurs when there are abnormalities concerning the liver, such as hepatitis or in its worst condition, liver cancer.

7.Alterations in the skin or molescancer symptoms

To prevent skin cancer it is recommended that you use high-spectrum sunscreens and even underwear. If you still notice that your moles change shape, color, size and also your skin is altered and flaking. It’s time to go to the dermatologist for an appropriate diagnosis.

8.Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

It is not normal for a healthy person without asthma problems in any previous period of his life to present this symptomatology, so it is better than if it has happened to you that you feel you can not breathe go to the doctor and discard lung cancer.

9.Frequent infections

If you notice in yourself or one of your children that they suffer frequent infections.  They take time to heal for more treatments to which they have been subjected and also the fever becomes something almost every day then do a blood test and other studies because It could be leukemia.

10.Changes in the color of the urine and frequency of urination

Have you noticed that the color of your urine is darker than usual or that it smells strange? Also, do you go to the bathroom more times to urinate and the need is uncontrollable? Well, if it has happened to you, it is a sign that something is not right at all with your urinary system or with your ovaries.

11.Frequent pain in the pelvis

Pain in the pelvis is not normal in a healthy woman and may be a sign that there are problems with the reproductive system. If there is inflammation in the lower abdomen and during sexual intercourse, in addition to nausea, vomiting, and frequent stomach pains, it is better to go to the gynecologist, as it may be an early evidence of cervical cancer or something a little more “simple” “How can ovarian cysts be?

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