What are the fruits of summer

The hot days arrive and with them the fresh and juicy fruits perfect to quench your thirst and provide you with a significant amount of vitamins. Discover which are the summer fruits so that you include them in your purchases and you can make a variety of recipes with them.

What are the fruits of summer

Steps to follow:

  1. Consuming the fruits of the season allows you to obtain quality products since they are in the perfect state to eat them, but also makes the price low due to the offer, which translates into savings for you
  2. The watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruit you can find in summer, with many properties for our health thanks to its content of vitamin C, folic acid and calcium among other nutrients. Dare to prepare watermelon sorbet to beat the heat or make an original tomato and watermelon gazpacho to vary a little.
  3. The melon also rich in water provides vitamins A and E and is an excellent diuretic, an excellent option that you can add to a fruit salad or use to make a rich jam.
  4. The medlar is one of the most consumed fruits during this season, full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin offers multiple benefits to our body
  5. Another favorite is the versatile apricot that can be used both in desserts and in savory dishes, take advantage because this season is the best to eat it. It offers calcium, magnesium, potassium and many antioxidants and with them, you can make preserves and preserves to consume throughout the year
  6. The plum is one of the best allies of our digestion favoring the intestinal transit through their contributions fiber. Add it to your diet and prepare preserves or a delicious pudding with it
  7. Take advantage of the freshness and all the benefits of fruits in this warm season at the same time that you favor your budget

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