Three Ways to Get Kids Enjoying the Outdoors

Making the outdoors a fun place to be is a great thing for children. In the modern world, it is all too easy to watch any television programme at the click of a button, get absorbed in gaming, or to be glued to a smartphone for hours. Of course, all of these activities are fun too, but with rising obesity rates in children, as well as poor mental health being reported, getting outdoors is a great way to improve overall health for kids.

Here are a few things that you can do to get kids more active outdoors…

Make the Garden Fun – Making the garden a fun place to spend time can help to get kids outside. In the warm weather, setting up a sprinkler or paddling pool can create hours of fun, and having a play area put in the garden from somewhere like this playgrounds Gloucester based company is also a great idea.

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Do a Nature Walk – Nature is such a great healer for the body and mind and encouraging an interest in nature from a young age fosters a respect and care for the environment. From collecting things like cones and pebbles, to learning to identify trees and plants, getting out in nature is free and fun.

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Go Camping – Most kids adore the excitement of camping and being out away from the trappings of modern life is a great way to do new things and try out different experiences. Even if you only go in the back garden!

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