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6 tips for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery

Tips for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Find out how to better cope with pregnancy and reduce the risks of childbirth. By exercising, eating well, sleeping properly you have more chances to give birth without complications, to recover easily after delivery and to lose the pounds quickly. Let’s see in detail the advice of experts for the well-being of pregnant women:

1- Walk a lothealthy pregnancy

You have already heard that women in pregnancies have to walk a lot. But perhaps you do not know how this apparently simple. And not particularly strenuous activity can do well for a pregnant woman and her baby. Walking, in fact, helps to burn calories, to keep the basin flexible (which could stiffen with a sedentary lifestyle). To spend time outdoors and enjoy the beneficial effects of the sun, and much more. The advice is to walk at least an hour a day, the speed will depend on the energy. You will have that day and your mood. But do not worry, the important thing is to make a commitment! It is one of the best tips for healthy pregnancy.

2- Eat healthy and morehealthy pregnancy

No, you’re not eating for two! But you should eat more than before and, above all, better than before. This means limiting the consumption of junk foods and increasing that of healthy and natural foods. You start by removing from the diet foods that are not good. And fill the void created with healthy meals and snacks, consisting of seasonal fruit. And vegetables (strictly washed and cooked), cereals and proteins from lean meats and fish. It is one of the best tips for healthy pregnancy. Continue Reading-24 tips for a healthy and lasting men…

3- Make the squatshealthy pregnancy

The mobility of the pelvis is crucial during childbirth, in fact, for this reason. Women usually have the most flexible hips of men. However, the sedentary style that we lead to today, ends up stiffening our hips. Which they are dissolved and made flexible again with targeted exercises. The most effective and simple to play are definitely the squats. Which fall in fact, among the most basic human movements and. When they are performed correctly, do not pose any risk for the mother and the child. So, use light weights or do not use them at all. And train your hips throughout your pregnancy, following the advice of your doctor, surely you will see the benefits of these exercises when the fateful day arrives. It is one of the best tips for healthy pregnancy.

4- Hydratedhealthy pregnancy

If the amount of food you need to consume increases, during pregnancy you must also be careful to drink more, in fact, dehydration is a real risk during pregnancy, especially in the last quarter. Insufficient hydration, in fact, could cause contractions and, as a consequence, a premature birth or of the most serious complications for you and the child. So, make sure you drink enough, especially if you’re sweating a lot or if you exercise, you start consuming 2 liters of water and try to get to 3. Also, try to keep caffeine consumption to a minimum, as it is a powerful diuretic, International guidelines recommend keeping maximum 200 mg, but compare with your doctor to find out about your opinion. It is one of the best tips for healthy pregnancy.

5- Be greedy for physical activity

healthy pregnancy

If there is a time when you should be active, you are certainly pregnant. Because? Simple, you will get bigger and bigger and then your body will have to adapt to move a lot more weight and a new silhouette. So, by moving a little, you would not be able to become familiar with the new you, and this could lead to a number of problems, including a greater likelihood of collisions and physical injuries. So, do the stairs, carry the light shopping bags, move on foot rather than by means of transport, walk the dog, and do as many activities, low intensity and safe, that you can. Workouts that include jumps, sprints, and other abrupt and sudden movements are not recommended at any point in pregnancy, while you can do quieter exercises like squats, or safe but effective activities such as cycling, walking or swimming. It is one of the best tips for healthy pregnancy.

6- Sleep a lothealthy pregnancy

Sleep becomes even more important during pregnancy since it is the moment when all the maintenance activities take place in your body. So, it is not surprising that it is essential for the health of both the mother and the child. A 2010 study, published in the scientific journal Sleep Medicine Review, reveals that “Sleep deprivation during pregnancy is associated with a longer labor, a more intense feeling of pain and discomfort during delivery, a higher probability of cesarean delivery or preterm birth, and a higher incidence of inflammation “. So, listen to your body and sleep whenever you feel the need or you feel tired, it may not always be possible, but try to accommodate as much as possible your needs and make sure to rest at least 7 hours a night. You May Like This-“”

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