When should you replace your office chairs?

There comes a time in every office manager’s career when he has to face the shocking and cruel reality that it might be time to change the office chairs. Lucky salvation is at hand in the form of the Office Chairs Gloucester based supplier bizstationery.co.uk/furniture/office-chairs. There are a number of tell tale signs that a new set of chairs is required in the department. For one the simple sight of seeing tatty chairs with ripped exteriors and padding showing should be enough of a hint that the chairs are starting to show signs of too much wear and tear.

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There are other and more serious implications and signs that you should replace your office chairs. From a Health and Safety perspective you could find that you are going to run afoul of the law as you must provide a safe environment for your workers to operate in. This applies to the office as much as it applies to miners in a coal mine or factory workers. If your office chairs are not up to scratch then you will start to see an increase in office related injuries and long term conditions increasing sickness and reducing productivity.

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Back issues, joint problems, vision complaints and even the simple fact of employees leaving their desks to get away from them is an important point and the support and comfort of a new chair, and a quality one can be highly significant in reducing this.


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