How Health Insurance Helps You

Even though most healthy people may feel that having health insurance is not that important, this is not true. Heath insurance protects policyholders from suffering huge losses in the form of expensive medical bills. Having the right health plan helps maintain and improve the health of policyholders and their family members. If these people fall sick or get injured in an accident, their insurance policy will provide them with the necessary financial protection. The following is how you can benefit from having health insurance. 

Peace of mind  

It is very unlikely for you to know if you will get an accident or get ill. In such a case, you may experience a huge financial burden if you are not insured. However, if you are adequately insured, you will not have to worry about how you will pay for the costs of medical care you will incur or those of a family member. This will help you save money that you could have spent on treatment.


A health insurance plan can provide you with incentives and other resources that are designed to help you get and stay healthy. Some of these resources include;

  • Coverage for annual checkups or screenings
  • Discounts on alternative care treatments
  • Exercise programs 

Protects the financial future of your family

Even though you have to pay for health insurance coverage, the premiums you pay are minimal compared to the amount you can receive as compensation if you claim for an illness or accident. The high costs of healthcare and the unpredictable nature of healthcare needs make it important for you to have health insurance so that you will not be left with large medical bills that you may be unable to pay. Having a good health insurance cover helps reduce the possibility that you will use some of your retirement savings to meet the costs of unexpected medical bills.

Opportunity to get discounted rates for healthcare services

If you have health insurance coverage, you can get discounted rates for the services you receive at a healthcare institution. The reason for this is that health insurers often negotiate with hospitals and doctors. Even though your health insurance policy covers expenses with co-insurance and deductibles, you can get the discounted rate for your medical bills. Medical care can be very expensive especially if you need medical attention for something rare such as anti-venom after being bitten by a snake. This is not something you can budget for. If you have health insurance, you will not have to worry about the costs of such treatment since it will be adequately covered. If you fall ill or have an accident when you are in another country, you can get reduced cost or free medical care provided in European member states if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Anyone who is sixteen years of age older can apply for a free EHIC online. This card is valid for five years and it provides coverage for one person.


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