Top Reasons Why Raw Food is Healthier for Us

How many of us have a healthy eating with this fast rhythm of life, daily stress, working late at the office and personal problems? I incline to say that a small category, given the alarming number of obese persons, usually generated by an unhealthy and chaotic diet with a main focus on junk food.

According to Australian and New Zealand Society’s recent study there’s a serious obesity crisis in Australia, far more serious than specialists have expected, as findings have indicated that 40 percent of adults are very fat. The phenomena, however, could be affecting a large number of countries, if the limit of sugar isn’t controlled and a regular and healthy diet isn’t included on a regular basis.

For many reasons, raw vegan lifestyle has been a controversial subject, but more and more people choose to incorporate this raw food in their diet, as the healthiest solution. Excepting the fact that raw food is packed with vitamins, natural enzymes and nutrients, a full menu is quite diverse with fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs or meat.

If you are thinking of including raw foods in the diet, but you aren’t completely convinced, take a look at the top reasons why eating raw is healthier for everyone:

#Reason1 – You get to eat “live” food, since the process of cooking will diminish the natural energy. Moreover, if you choose to heat the food over 118 degrees, lots of nutrients will be lost during the process.

#Reason2 – It improves your wellbeing and health. Although it comes as natural as possible, everybody knows that, once you start incorporating more raw foods in your diet, you’ll feel more energized, sleep better and also be more productive at work or via home.

#Reason3 – Enzymes – Once cooked, food loses some particular enzymes that you need, but if you choose raw food, this problem is obviously eliminated.

#Reason4 – More vitamins and minerals available – It is known that there are more minerals, photo-nutrients and vitamins found in a raw state than you can see in well cooked aliments.

#Reason5 – A better mental clarity – Here’s another good reason to include raw foods in your current diet. It helps each of us to focus better on the most important things and become more empathic with others. Moreover, you’ll be able to think clearly and have an increased mental state.

#Reason6 – Environmental-friendly – It’s quite obviously that you’ll be more connected with the earth, since there will be freshly picked food with no additional cooking process. Thus, you choose to contribute for a better world and a greener place on earth.

#Reason7 – Weight loss – This is probably a natural and visible benefit you get from eating raw foods. You start eliminating processed foods, as well as those full of fats and calories that make you feel always tired and depressed.

Have you considered including more raw foods in your diet? If yes, did you enjoy the final results? Can you provide us more reasons to choose this healthy lifestyle?


Hi, I am JEFFREY Dawson; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

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