What are the Most Important Things to Learn on a First Aid Course?

First aid courses from companies like Tidal Training cover many things. From the proper use of bandages to how to recognise and prevent shock, the course could help you save someone’s life. In addition, you will learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a lifesaving technique that is taught in emergency situations. You’ve probably seen this technique on TV or in films. It involves performing compressions on the centre of a person’s chest if they have no pulse. This technique is also performed by trained professionals.

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Keeping a person warm and calm is the number one priority during a trauma. In case of a serious bleed, you can stop the bleeding by placing pressure on the wound. In addition, it is critical to monitor the patient’s condition because many medications and illicit drugs can have unpredictable side effects.

If you are responsible for a family or work place, first aid is an essential skill for everyone. Learning the basics of emergency care is a good way to ensure someone’s well being. If you can provide basic care to a patient who’s unable to speak for themselves, you’ll be helping them stabilise until emergency services arrive. First aid training also teaches you to react quickly and effectively and how to pass information on to emergency services. It also helps you gain confidence in your abilities to help others in an emergency situation.

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In addition to knowing how to treat a victim, a good first aid course emphasises self-care. This is not selfish; it’s important because it keeps you healthy and in a position to help others.


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