10 healthy and delicious Halloween recipes

Appetizers, sandwiches, desserts … 10 fun and easy-to-make suggestions to prepare a healthy Halloween snack. here are the healthy and delicious Halloween recipes.

1. Halloween sushiHalloween recipes

If your children like sushi you can make these fantastic rice balls and give them the shape of the typical figures associated with Halloween, pumpkins, black cats, a skeleton …

2. A fruit and cheese snackHalloween recipes

In this recipe, there is apple, banana, mini-clouds of sugar, spreadable cheese with a little coloring and edible eyes.

3. Peppers with cheese wrapped in puff pastryHalloween recipes

Surely you’ve ever seen the typical mummies made with sausage and puff pastry. This is a similar version but made with peppers or jalapeños filled with cream cheese. Eyes like the ones in the previous recipe have been used to make the eyes.

4. Tangerine pumpkinsHalloween recipes

Turn the tangerines into appetizing zucchini, putting a little celery in the center. If you do not like celery you can substitute another green vegetable that you like pepper or a piece of cucumber.

5. Stuffed zucchini-shaped eggsHalloween recipes

You can make some simply stuffed eggs and give them a pumpkin shape with a simple little chive of chives. You can also cut eggs cooked in half and draw with a little bit of nori seaweed or black olives the eyes and mouth of a Halloween pumpkin.

6. Guacamole with Halloween nachosHalloween recipes

This way of presenting the guacamole is total. The hair is made with black corn nachos and scars, mouth and pupils with a cream of black beans.

Other options if you do not find black corn nachos you can use beet chips that are also dark and will look good on you.

7. Sandwiches with ham and cheese for HalloweenHalloween recipes

Preparing these fun sandwiches is very easy. You only need cold cuts of ham, chicken and turkey, sliced cheese. It is a great dish to do with the children, they will have a great time preparing this snack.

8. Baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with oil and paprikaHalloween recipes

With the help of a mold or a sharp knife, you can shape Halloween pumpkins to potatoes and then bake … a very rich and easy recipe.

9. Halloween spaghettiHalloween recipes

Prepare some Bolognese spaghetti and give a touch “Halloween” to serve them, you can use slices of fresh cheese and olives for the eyes and a bit of cheese for the fangs. Easy and delicious

10. Cheese sandwich for HalloweenHalloween recipes

As simple as cutting in one of the slices of the bread the eyes and the mouth and preparing your cheese sandwich as you always do.

11. Fruit cups for HalloweenHalloween recipes

In a transparent glass, you can put orange fruits, tangerines, mango, orange … Paint eyes and mouth in the cup with a black marker and go.

12. Bloody panacea (or yogurt) eyeHalloween recipes

With the cups of yogurt or pannacotta, a slice of kiwi, a chocolate ball and a strawberry coulis or blueberry jam or strawberries you can make this edible eye for Halloween.

13. Halloween graveyard cakeHalloween recipes

If you want to make a sweet snack for Halloween you can try this traditional cookie cake, and decorate it as if it were a cemetery. Prepare a cookie cake and put on top crushed cookies and another whole with a tomb. With edible colored pencils, you can make the letters of the tombs. In a folio draw Halloween motifs, skeletons, witches, ghosts … then cut them and those attached to a toothpick and you have a very nice cake. If you do not feel like drawing, you can also use these  Halloween printables.


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